Customer Reviews for Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond Memory Foam Queen Mattress

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Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond Memory Foam Queen Mattress

Premium Memory Foam and Latex Hybrid Mattress
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Customer Reviews for Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond Memory Foam Queen Mattress
Review 1 for Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond Memory Foam Queen Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Dallas, TX
Date:August 12, 2012

Won't being going back to spring mattress

Pros: price, comfort
Cons: slight smell
" I purchased the Black Diamond Queen memory foam mattress a month ago and haven't slept this well is a long time. My back pain from sleeping is gone and I consistently wake up well rested with less sleep. The day after I placed my order a representative from Sleep Science called to thank me for the order and walked me through what I needed to do when I received the mattress. They also gave me their support number if I ever had any problems. After I received the mattress there was the "newly" manufactured smell, but after airing it out for a couple of hours the smell significantly decreased. After a month the only time I can smell anything is if I deliberately stick my nose in the mattress. Don’t be surprised if the first night you toss and turn because it is completely different than a traditional inner spring mattress, but since then I have slept amazingly. The mattress was firmer than I anticipated even though I read reviews saying it was firmer, but I can say it has positively affected my sleep. Overall, excellent mattress and worth every penny I paid. "
Review 2 for Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond Memory Foam Queen Mattress
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:August 1, 2012

way too hard

Cons: too hard too flat
" This bed is very heavy and bulky to move. We felt it was way too hard. After sleeping on it our shoulders ached and also it is sooo flat. We tried it for several nights and gave up because of aching joints. "
Review 3 for Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond Memory Foam Queen Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Charleston, SC
Date:August 1, 2012

Great Sleep

Model Number: 601985
" Been sleeping on our new mattress for over 1 week now and getting the best night's sleep in years. No more shoulder and back pain on awakening either. Delivery was in less than 1 week. "
Review 4 for Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond Memory Foam Queen Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Southern California
Date:July 30, 2012

Mattress search is over!

" We have had a few mattresses in the past several years, including a couple very high end (and ridiculously expensive) models, one even imported from Europe! After reading many reviews about several models at costco and being slightly weary about buying sight unseen (but really you can't tell much from laying on mattresses in stores, in only makes the purchase process more uncertain) we choose the Sleep Science. We are pleased to say that we've finally found the perfect mattress for us! My husband likes a firm supportive mattress and I tent to prefer something slightly softer yet supportive and we both love this mattress, it offers the softness (top layer) yet the support of a memory mattress. I only wish we would have found this mattress years ago and avoided spending a small fortune before we found this. We haven't slept this well in years!!! "
Review 5 for Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond Memory Foam Queen Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Chattanooga, TN
Date:March 15, 2012

I Love with this Bed!!!

Pros: perfect for back problems
" I have gone through several different types of mattresses due to bulging disks in my lower back. I have been miserable in all until I found this one! It is WONDERFUL!!! I cannot say enough good things about it. It is super easy to set up and the smell was not bad at all (and I have sensitive nose). It really just lasted a couple of days. I have had this bed for a month now and my back hasn't hurt the first time. I would definitely recommend this bed! "
Review 6 for Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond Memory Foam Queen Mattress
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Yorba Linda, CA
Date:February 29, 2012

Firm - looks like it will last

Pros: body overheating not an issue., appears well made and durable., thick.
Cons: very firm to start with
" Having had a Tempur-style "NASA" foam mattress for over 7 years that we expired due to the trough my 240lbs created, I can definitively say after two, mostly sleep-disturbed weeks, that this is far, far firmer than the old one ever was and remains firm so far. The top layer is pleasantly soft and led me to think that night-one would be a pleasure. Not so! Nor two through 14. I hope that it begins to give some soon or my aching shoulders will force a return...
The bamboo smell isn't very noticeable while you sleep but nightwear picks it up over a few days and you'll smell a bit woody. It's not unpleasant, it's just there.
We left it to plump for 24 hours and it filled-out well. It is about 100lb to lug around, so don't put your back out going solo unless you have to.
We added the heat-dissipating topper from our old mattress so we don't experience any overheating at all.
It looks like a good mattress - I just need it to soften up a shade. My wife of 130lbs has no issues with it at all and sleeps better than on the oldie.
I've given it 4 stars because our experiences are mixed and I sleep in hopes of better nights. "
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Review 7 for Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond Memory Foam Queen Mattress
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Somerset, NJ
Date:January 18, 2012

Good mattress but smells

Pros: good support
Cons: smells
Model Number: Queen size
" The mattress gives good support but still smells after almost 3 months. I even washed the mattress cover twice, the smell comes back. "
Review 8 for Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond Memory Foam Queen Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Washington, DC
Date:January 5, 2012

Great mattress!

Pros: support, comfortable, not hot, great value
" Just received this mattress yesterday (after a weird delivery snafu from FedEx), and it was fairly easy to unpack and set up. It comes compressed and rolled, and when I unrolled it, it was upside down, and flipping it over (by myself) was the toughest part, though not hard, just a bit awkward since it is soft. I let it "breathe" for about 3.5 hrs and it seemed fully decompressed, although it measured only 10" high. It was quite a bit of a squeeze fitting into my queen platform bed, but it fit. The cover is very soft and felt nice to the touch.
I was a bit leery of buying a mattress without ever testing it, since I had just had to deal with a defective (Sealy spring) mattress for the last 6 months. But confident in Costco's satisfaction guarantee, I ordered it (after it sounded like a great fit with all the research I had done on mattresses in the last 3 months). It is somewhat soft and comfortable, but still firm. Better than most other memory foams that we had tested (they were either too firm with no cushion or too soft with too much of an indent). It doesn't leave much of an indent when you roll over or get up and quickly returns to shape. Our biggest concern was that it might be hot. Now, granted we've only had one night in the bed, we both slept real well, and cooler than what we had in our old mattress (and we both tend to sleep hot). We both had probably our best night sleep in a long time, and both woke up with no back pain (my girlfriend had developed significant back pain from the old mattress and I developed minor back pain as the old mattress sagged more and more).
So far, very happy with the purchase. Granted, we've only had one night with it, but I will try and update later, but I thought it'd be good to get more reviews for this bed. "
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Review 9 for Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond Memory Foam Queen Mattress
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:January 4, 2012

it takes a month to break in

" The biggest tip I can give is that the mattress's compliance is going to change over the first month as you break it in. You absolutely cannot evaluate the comfort level in the first few weeks, so keep that in mind for yourself and also for when reading other reviews of foam beds.
I'm pretty flexible with being comfortable over a variety of bed stiffness's, but my girlfriend does not look stiff beds. At first, she was unhappy with the foam as it was too stiff for her (she weighs ~ 110 lbs, me ~ 190 lbs). Gradually her comfort improved, and she was happy in about a month. We switched sides as I was breaking in the bed more quickly.
Now, we just returned from a 2 week vacation, and I promptly crashed on the bed and the give was quite nice. I am able to sleep in all orientations, but its great at spreading pressure out when sleeping on side (primary orientation).
I do think the foam is hotter than a normal mattress, but I haven't been able to properly tell how annoying that is since the summer is still far away. I think the smell is still very slightly noticeable, but not annoying.
We've had it for about 3 months now. I hope it stays close to its current state for a while. "
Review 10 for Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond Memory Foam Queen Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Pedro, CA
Date:November 26, 2011

WOW!! We have finally found the one!

Pros: amazing support!, great night sleep
Model Number: Sleep Science 11" Hybrid Bliss Queen Mattress
" I sleep on my back, I like firm mattresses and this mattress fits me perfectly. We recently owned two mattresses, queen Nova foam and a King posterpedic spring bed, (the bed with the sheep). The nova foam broke down after one year and I hated it, the spring mattress broke down after 3 months, horrible return. I was tossing and turning and could never get a good nights sleep. We recently went to the LA fair and tested out the sleep number bed, but you need deep pocks for that bed, Maybe one day after the kids.
After purchasing this mattress at a GREAT price!! One of the owners actually contacted me via cell phone, and answered my questions. Now that's customer service!!! I was excited to receive my new bed, it arrived on Friday and right away opened it and let it sit for 4 hours, and it was almost fully stretched out. I noticed right away on the first night that waking up and going to work was not a problem. I also noticed for 2-3 weeks my back was sore. Again I was contaced by the company at 3 weeks and they asked if I had any questions. Of course I told them about my soreness and I know it was a combination of the new mattress and my messages that I was getting during the process. After the 3rd week the sorness was gone and I CANNOT SLEEP ON ANYTHING ELSE BUT THAT MATTRESS FROM NOW ON. It gives you the support you need without depleting your bank account or breaking down in 3 months. I have owned this mattress for 4 months now, to actually get the full review, I will return if it keeps up the good work and great sleep. My setup: regular queen frame and 3/4 plywood as the base, (this will not void the warranty, as the owner told me over the phone).
My wife sleeps on her SIDE and loves our new bed, it was hard to convince her on our purchase as it had no reviews, but it was worth it!
My mother recently stayed the weekend with us and used our bed over the weekend and loved it as well. Another side sleeper.
I feel energized and sometimes I don't want to get out of bed. Overall,
"to each is thy own" But when you buy from Costco, as I always preach to my friends. Its not just a membership, its a lifetime warranty with great products! "
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Review 11 for Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond Memory Foam Queen Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:fremont, CA
Date:November 8, 2011

Good nights sleep since the purchase

" Pros:
Great price
nice firm mattress feel.
Contours to the body, no toss and turn.
The mattress smell takes approx a week to go away.
We bought this to replace our full mattress ( which was too tight for two of us). Unfortunately I did not find any reviews anywhere for this product but went with my faith on Costco, their quality products and return policy.
let it rest for 24 hours before sleeping on this awesome mattress and since then have been getting a great night sleep with no toss/turns. it helps with my disk bulge greatly.
I tried tempurpedic before this mattress and hated it. This is a great purchase and I got the Comfort Revolution
Mattress Foundation from Costco and it provides a great support to this mattress.
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