Customer Reviews for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift

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Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift

For portability, compact storage, and convenience, no automotive lift on the market today compares to the MaxJax Portable Two Post Lifting System by Dannmar. This portable two post lift is perfect for low-clearance ceilings and home garages. Need a quick oil change? Don't have the room for bulky four post and two post lifts? Need to be able to use vehicles lanes when not working on your vehicles? Well need no further because the MaxJax Lift gives you all the convenience of a regular two post lift, but without permanently taking up a vehicle lane. Features: Each MaxJax™ system comes with a cast iron gear flow divider providing precisely equalized lifting   A dual voltage single-phase power unit is small enough to be stored out of the way   Built-in wheels gives this two post auto lift portability when you need it   Optional motorcycle adapters   Fully adjustable lift arms with stackable adapters   Automatic arm restraints   Maintenance free load bearings   Solid steel safety lock bars   Detailed safety instructions   Ability to create multiple installation positions   Industrial grade hydraulic cylinders   Durable powder coat finish   Portable power unit cart   24-month limited warranty   *Patent Pending   Specifications: Lifting Capacity: 6,000 Lbs. / 2727 Kg.   Style: Portable Two Post Lift   Overall Height: 89" / 2261 mm.   Height of Column: 64" / 1626 mm.   Typical Width (Outside of Base Plate): 105" - 125" / 2667 mm. - 3175 mm.   Arm Reach (Min.): 26" / 658 mm.   Arm Reach (Max.): 40" / 1016 mm.   Min. Pad Height: 4" / 89 mm.   Max. Lift Height (Pad only): 45" / 1143 mm.   Max. Lift Height (With 3" Adapter): 52" / 1321 mm.   Motor: 110-220 VAC / 50-60 Hz. 1Ph.   Time of full Rise: 30-Seconds   Individual Column Weight: 300 Lbs. / 136 Kg.   First Locking Position: 24" / 610 mm.   Second Locking Position: 40" / 1,016 mm.   Shipping Weight: 880 Lbs. / 399 Kg.   For additional shipping information or product questions, please call 877-432-6627 (7am - 5:30pm PST, M-F).
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Customer Reviews for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
Review 1 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:November 13, 2010

works great

Pros: single person install, "portable"
Cons: max height is 45" or 48" with included extensions, you made need to convert your existing garage door
" it works as advertised. the only difficult part about installation is that: a) u must have at least 4 inches of cement underneath rated at 3000psi or better. b) drilling holes takes precision and time. take ur time measuring. measure 2x, drill once. c) checking for leaks after u pour in the hydraulic transmission fluid. luckily, customer service with Dannmar was quite good as far as missing parts (ie shipped 2 days shipping), tweaking, helping to solve leaking problems. Personally, I took my time with the install, probably took me 3 good evenings to install. Note that u may need to convert your existing garage door like i did. i had to change my door to a wall mounted jackshaft opener and change the rails for the garage door so that the door, when open, would be closer to the ceiling. all in all, it's worth it for me. i'm going to save about $1k this weekend for my camry, because the front pipe needs to be replaced. dealer wanted 1400, i bought the pipe for <$300 and with the help of this lift, will install it myself. now wife is a little happier with my "toy" "
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Review 2 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Glendale, Ca
Date:February 23, 2011

Good Decision

Pros: good price works well
Cons: needs about 6 extra inches of lift, found a lot of things to clean under the car :)
Model Number: Dannmar Max-Jax
" Works as advertised. Lifts up to 48" pad height with included 3" pad extensions. 6" extensions available. But... The arms are still at noggin height when I use my roller seat so wear a hat. (ouch! the first time)
Longer/extra hoses available from others to put the pump somewhere other than just behind or in front of the car. Just need one, maybe 10' extra.
It's nice to be able to store at least one column out of the way so I can still safely park a car in the space and open the doors. This drove the decision vs a full-height assymetric lift.
I put in extra anchors with wider spacing to allow working on the car with the doors wide open, arms extended.
Lubricate the "installer" bolt for the anchors a bit, and install will go a lot faster/easier. Just the bolt threads, WD-40 is OK.
Rent a rotary hammer for the anchors. Typical home-use "hammer-drill" is a waste. Holes cannot be wallowed larger accidentally if you want the anchors to grab in the holes.
Lifts the Porsche and the 4Runner effortlessly. "
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Review 3 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Jacksonville, FL
Date:August 30, 2010

Great product

" I bought the MaxJax for my home garage. It's easy to move around, and it is light weight.
The lift is strong. I mean I put my car on it and I don't have any fear of it falling or tipping like with some other lifts I've owned. So I'd say it's pretty safe too.
I love this small lift! I bought the MaxJax for my home garage a couple months ago (didn’t know Costco sold them). The posts are pretty easy to move in to place, but I still leave them up more often than not. I was worried the columns might bend, but it handles my F150 fine. The safety locks are just steel bars placed into the posts under the arms. It would take an circular saw to get through them, so I feel fine working under it.
The only problem I had was some slight uneven lifting at first. But you just bleed the system and everything evens out. This is the only two-post lift I’ve found for small garages. Definately recommend this to anyone who likes to wrench at home. "
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Review 4 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:June 11, 2011

Solid item

Pros: solid, not too hard to install
" A very solid lift. Pretty simple to assemble and works well. Did have an issue but spoke with Danmar (Gabe is the go to guy) and new parts were expedited.
The lift makes the jobs much easier and if you can DIY you can pay for the lift on just a few jobs. I also like taking the opportunity to teach my kids "how to" do things themselves to build their understanding and confidence!
Before you go trying to buy bits to drill the holes in the floor go to a tool rental store. I got the drill and both bits for $40 per 1/2 day and just to buy one of the drill bits would have been that much. "
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Review 5 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles, California
Date:January 5, 2013

This lift makes life so much easier!

Pros: easy to use easy enough to set up
Cons: the support arms are a little heavy.
Model Number: Dannmar MaxJax
" Now that I am a little older, rolling around on the ground for oil changes and brake jobs has become more and more uncomfortable. This product is an excellent addition to my garage, I could not be happier with my purchase. Set up was easy enough, however, I recommend going to the Dannmar website and checking out the video of the guy setting up and assembling the system to get a visual of the installtion process. I ordered extra anchors to allow for added flexibility of use. Even if you are a casual wrench (like me), this is a "must have" purchase. Your body will thank you. "
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Review 6 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Northern California
Date:March 22, 2012

Great, but wear a hard hat...

Pros: indespensible for diyers with a 8' ceiling, can sit while working
Cons: could be nicer if a few inches higher
" To add to comments -
1) when renting concrete drill, be sure to get a good one and a FRESH bit. The holes need to be exact diameter for expansion bolts to work
2) be sure concrete is uncracked and thick enough B4 buying. Check both post locations.
3) good luck finding a std 3-pronged 110V 30-amp wall outlet. However, a 20-amp does just fine...
4) You'll be wanting a low rolling stool - ~12 to14 inches high. Nearly all out there are too high.
5) Remember to position lift so roll-up garage door doesn't hit car
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Review 7 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Middle Georgia
Date:February 3, 2011

Awesome lift!

Pros: portable
Cons: lag bolts provided are junk
Model Number: 537267
" This lift is great! It's easy to set up and works wonderfully. The lag bolts that came with the kit are junk, so we spent another $50 buying nicer ones. We also used concrete epoxy for better grip after the provided lag bolts spun. That is the only reason we didn't give it 5 stars. Otherwise, it's great. The best part is you can move the columns and store when not in use. "
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Review 8 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:St. Louis area
Date:April 2, 2014

Well satisfied with purchase

Pros: costco has good leverage on manufacturers.
Cons: cant think of any at the moment...
Model Number: Max Jax
" Even though website said 3-4 week delivery I received mine in less than a week. Good instructions, quality unit for the money. I can now do repairs or mods on my low slung 1933 Plymouth with no lying on my back. Glad I bought the unit. Costco is a great company to do business with. This is not my first major purchase thru Costco......Very pleased... "
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Review 9 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:NE Ohio
Date:August 25, 2012

MaxJax 2 Post Lift

Pros: can be removed and stored if desired, full access to underside of vehicle, great customer service from dannmar and costco
Model Number: MaxJax 2 Post Lift
" I've had the MaxJax for over 2 years now, it's been a great addition to my garage. Ideal for low ceiling height and the 2 post design gives full access to the entire underside of the car. You can search "Finished Garage with MaxJax 2 Post Lift" and "Garage Tour Video" to see 2 videos of it in the garage with a car and a truck lifted on the MaxJax. "
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Review 10 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:South OC, CA
Date:February 16, 2015

Great product; read installation reviews by others

Pros: very convenient and easy to setup and remove
Cons: none really
Model Number: MaxJax
" Purchased over a year ago but finally was able to install in the garage. The anchors are an issue as others have written about. You do need to also purchase the hydraulic oil separately. As long as all fittings and connections are properly installed, I have not experienced any leaks as some have mentioned. "
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Review 11 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Woodstock, VA.
Date:April 8, 2014

Maxjax - Great Product

Pros: could go a few inches higher.
Cons: none
Model Number: Maxjax 2 post Portable Auto Lift
" This is a Perfect item to use with a low slung 1991 Corvette. Beats jacking all four wheels up to do work. With free shipping, Costco has beat the pants off all the other sellers. Thanks Costco. "
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Review 12 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:April 2, 2015

Works great in my 8 ft ceiling garage

Model Number: MaxJax
" Installed per directions and works great. Mounted one side permanently and it take less than ten minutes to install the other side and hook up hoses. "
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