Customer Reviews for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier

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De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier

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Customer Reviews for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
Review 1 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Spokane, WA
Date:July 3, 2012

Long, thorough review.

Pros: fairly portable, heat pump
Cons: constant draining of reservoir in heat pump mode, exhausts your conditioned air outside, sucks air from all over the house, a bit loud for conversation, takes up a good bit of floor space
" I bought this because it is not only an air conditioner but also a heat pump and I would be able to use it for heating my 4 level home during moderate weather.
We've had a pretty cold spring and I've been able to test out the heat pump portion and it works pretty well actually. I put it on my second level and it heats the spaces and heat trickles up my stairs to keep the rest of the house from getting too cold without running my forced air electric wall units.
The big problem with this though, is it doesn't remove the water from the system like it does in cooling mode and I'm finding myself having to drain the resevoir three and four times a day. It's a real pain.
Drain before bed and it kicks off overnight. Drain when I get up and it kicks off while I'm at work. Drain when I get home and maybe once more in the evening.
Drain, drain, drain. And the drain is so low I can barely get a cookie sheet underneath it to catch the water. I have to make some sort of stand to raise it up high enough for a real drip pan.
But it works.
How it works is it brings in air through the house from somewhere (i.e. outside through vents and cracks) and then blows your inside air over the coils and exhausts it to the outside.
This is fine using heat and locating the pump in the lowest occupied level of the home.
But for air conditioning - meh...
I put it in my 4th level bedroom and it sucked hot air through the house and cooled it a bit before sucking it out the window. Not a scrap of cold air trickled out of my 150 sq foot bedroom to call any other portion of the house. I could close the door to about 1/2 inch and feel a flow of hot air on my face into the room.
So I moved it to my 3rd level living room by the front window and it knocks the room down to a desirable temperature but what it's doing is also sucking in hot air from my laundry room and heating up the 2nd level. My 2nd level and basement are usually very comfortably cool all summer with no AC in there (even during 90+ degree weather, not the 78 we're having now.) But now with this unit pulling warm air into the house I have come to the conclussion I am not doing myself any good in the cooling department.
I've had to put my old window unit in my bedroom - a small little 5,000 BTU Daewoo unit - and it's doing as good a job cooling my room and a better job cooling the upstairs than the 13,000 BTU DeLonghi because it doesn't exhaust all my cooled air.
I can see why people have had a poor experience cooling with these units. It kicks out half of what it cools.
I have not used the dehumidifier aspect of this so don't know how well it works.
The fan aspect is useless since there is no direction control for the fan.
So I will use this unit as a heater in the lower level of my home, heating the cool air and letting the hot air rise through my house when the weather calls for it.
But for air conditioning, I'm afraid my main floor gets my old window unit over the kitchen sink again (ouch... my back.)
If you can find one that takes outside air in and then kicks it back out it would be SO much more effective. Sadly, this unit doesn't do it and I should have realized it with the one hose system. I considered that this might be a problem but didn't realize how bad it was.
So if you have the right conditions or very specific needs, it might work for you. But it just doens't make a good AC unit for me.
p.s. It is noisy, but not worse than any other air conditioner unit. "
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Review 2 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:June 13, 2012

Works fine so far....

Pros: good cooling and dehumidifaction performance.
Cons: poorly designed window kit, poor window kit makes it not at all portable
Model Number: PACN130HPEC
" First impression is that the unit is smaller than expected. The exhaust is bigger and more cumbersome than expected.
Was not as easy to setup as the video shows. The instructions are not comprehensive.
I put it in a small window and it fit roughly with the smaller extension.
1) The smooth side faces out. Its in the photos but the manual does not explicitly say that.
2) squeeze the ends of the plastic and push them into the window rails. then put the pin that joins the extensions. That way it wont move much even when the unit moves slightly. The plastic has some play and flexibility.
3) Use weatherseal tape from hardware store on window sill to raise the level of this by 3/4 inch so the hose opening is not obstructed by the window bottom.
I also had to use weatherseal and caulk tape on the top and sides to make the window air-tight. Reduces the "portable" nature of the unit on account of doing all this. When using the extension, one side is up and other side is down - so have to use extra seal tape on the smaller side.
Very poor design of the window kit.
The unit itself worked well after letting sit for 48 hours. Not too many hot days yet, but have used it in de-humidify mode which still runs the A/C compressor and cools the room. Takes 1100 watts or so for de-humiidify; Ate up about 1 KW in an hour (as shown on Kill-a-watt), but it was doing a good job of cooling and dehumidifying living, dining, kitchen and open den..all of about 500 sq ft. Compressor does shut off after some time and then comes back up which is good.
Certainly more efficient than a central A/C but probably less efficient as compared to window A/C. Bought it because of the portable nature as compared to window A/C; however bad window kit design makes it un-portable - cannot move it from room to room so easily unles maybe they supply extra window kits and cover for the flat hose opening. Also the hose is like a big wagging tail - ugly looking, cumbersome and the whole setup- hose and unit take a fair amount of floor space. Even if placed right next to a window, the hose cannot be easily bent to take out the window.
Still the good performance of the unit so far keeps me from returning it.
IF only they put more thought into designing the window kit and hose....the window kit is not worthy of such an expensive unit.
The hose gets very hot - maybe they could have insulated it? I might do this myself - wrap insulation around the hose.
I have not yet fully exercised all of it yet. Will update review if Costco allows that after few months. "
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Review 3 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Boulder, CO
Date:October 31, 2012

A good value, with caveats...

Pros: timer, control features, wheels, cools quickly
Cons: flimsy window exhaust framing, portability questionable due to weight of unit, a bit noisier than expected
Model Number: PAC N 120EC
" I purchased a similar D'Longhi product this past summer (PAC N120 EC) the 12,500 BTU Portable AC Unit that I am overall very pleased with. It has nice features (controls, timer, wheels) and cools my 400 SF living room quickly
I agree with other reviewers regarding the flimsy, cheap plastic, uninsulated construction of the window exhaust framing. It's puzzling they made a quality A/C product and paired it with such substandard accessories.
The other caveat warranting another ping of a star is the "portability" claim. This unit is much bigger and much heavier than I anticipated, clocking in near 100 lbs. Scale-wise it's about the size of my 40" flat screen TV standing on end, with a foot of depth behind it. It is simply impossible for a single girl like me to move alone, as I cannot lift it or carry it without help. The wheels are great if you have hardwood floors but I have carpet so I can't move it without a dolly. I have a bi-level condo and planned to store the a/c in my downstairs storage unit during the winter but now I'm stuck with it permanently occupying valuable real estate in my tiny living room because I just can't get it downstairs on my own. This is NOT my definition of portability.
So while overall the product is terrific, works great and I *would* recommend it, for my purposes it really isn't portable at all and that was whole point of getting a portable versus fixed unit. I did keep the unit, mostly because I couldn't figure out how in the heck to repackage it much less get it back downstairs for a UPS pick-up.
Here's the advice I wish I had when considering this purchase: If you live alone, if you have carpeting, if you really need portability and, finally, if you lack the physique of the Governator in his prime, I would recommend considering a smaller, lighter, and truly moveable product. Otherwise, this is a great air conditioner. "
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Review 4 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:New York, NY
Date:June 26, 2012

Good Unit

Pros: cools well. easy to setup and use.
Cons: noisy. then again they all are.
Model Number: DELONGHI 13K PACN130HPEC - Item# 650431
" I have tried other portable model brands. This one is the best, even in the 99 degrees spell we had here in NYC. I received the first unit with a broken outflow valve. Costco replaced it. The shipping company delivered the replacement upside down, so I made sure to let it sit for 24 hours right side up. It is fairly easy to set up and the window kit is the same as all other brands I have tried. You should probably use some duct tape to seal off the top and bottom of the window unit once you install it.
Doesn't seem to blow air very far from the unit, even though it seems to make enough noise to do so. I'm very sensitive to noise, so you will have to judge for yourself, as I don't think any manufacturer has been able to make a portable A/C that works well with low noise. Luckily, I have set it up on the far end of an L shaped room so I can deal with the noise. I also use a portable fan to move the air around the room. The fan speeds don't work for the A/C, only for fan only use. You can roll it around much easier than other models I have had. I have been using it for about two weeks for a few hours and haven't had to empty it yet. Occasionally, I run the fan alone for about an hour and that may be evaporating the water it collects.
Another reviewer, Scontractor, mentioned that the hose gets hot. It should if it is removing a lot of hot air. However, his/her idea of insulating the hose is a good idea, otherwise, some of the heat you are trying to get rid of is being radiated back into the room.
I haven't had the occasion to try the heat feature yet. So far, I am pleased with this unit, especially considering that it is a one hose system. "
Review 5 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Hayward, CA
Date:June 11, 2012

So far so good

Pros: quiet, cools fast, easy-roll on hardwood and linoleum, remote control
Cons: window bracket not long enough for certain windows, small casters-doesn't roll well on carpet, doesn't auto-off when room reaches desired temp
" Bought this unit about a month ago (received it next day), but then my local temperatures dropped back down into the 60's so I didn't need it until this past weekend. It cooled off my living/dining area fairly quickly, but as another review noted, the unit does not shut off once the room reaches the desired temperature. You have to manually shut it off, which pretty much means I will never use the pre-set function, as there is no "shut it off after...function.
Once the living room/dining room area was cool, I went to move it to my bedroom...rolls great over wood floors, but not over carpet...not even the low-pile carpet I have in my room. (It is made even more difficult trying to ensure the exhaust pipe stays connected during transit). I most likely won't be moving it around again.
My bedroom cooled quickly, which is great because that is the first room to heat up in the summer, and the last to cool off (gets sun on 3 of 4 walls, and window placement doesn't allow for cross-ventilation)
The unit is relatively quiet considering its size (much like the wall units in hotel rooms...initial kick-in then fan noise). We only had to turn the TV up 1 or 2 numbers from no-ac running.
The biggest con I see is that the bracket to which you connect the exhaust hose isn't long enough to completely fill the gap between the window and the sash. Even with both extentsions attached, it fell 2-3" short of filling the gap, so some of the exhausted hot air comes back into the room. I plan on a visit to my local hardware store for a plywood scrap to fashion a better (and one-piece) extention that will completely block the gap.
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Review 6 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:May 20, 2012

Pleasantly Surprised

Pros: easy to set up, performs well, no need to empty water daily, casters for easy movement on hard surfaces, remote control
Cons: be sure outlet window blinds etc will work, can me noisy to some depending on tolerance level, weight may be a factor
Model Number: PACAN130HPEL
" I received a unit slightly different than what is pictured here. The main difference is that the unit I received has a LCD display. Not sure if that will apply to all orders or not. All the other specifications are identical. The first notable item was that the unit is heavier than you might initially think. It weighs right at 75 pounds. If you are planning on moving it around a lot that might be an important consideration. For example up and down stairs. You also want to ensure that you have an electrical outlet near the window you are planning on using for the exhaust. Be aware that blinds may cause a bit of an issue. The window I used opens side to side so the blinds don't want to go over the exhaust duct very well. On a up and down window it will be less of an issue. The performance of the A/C function of the unit is excellent in my location. I'm sure that variables such as outside temperature and humidity can and will play a factor in performance. The noise level is moderate comparable to a window unit or a wall unit such as they have in hotels/motels. Since I work the night shift it actaully helps because it is a source of "white noise." The remote is a nice feature that I have used to turn the unit off when I wake up and am cold. Overall the unit does what it is meant to do quite well. Properly survey where you are planning on installing the unit to make sure it is compatible. Hope this helps. "
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Review 7 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Denver, CO
Date:June 25, 2012

Works Better Than Expected

Pros: keeps room very cool, noisy
Cons: hose gets hot, window kit is cheap
" I bought this to cool down my bedroom because my evaporative cooler doesn't circulate into the bedroom and I don't want to leave my bedroom window open at night. It cools the 12X12 room down VERY quickly so I don't need to leave it running all day when I'm not home. I sleep with it set at about 70. High temps have been around 100 the past few days and the unit is in a south-facing room. We're talking Denver here - humidity has been in the single digits - so I would never run the dehumidifier!
The fan runs continually, but the cooling unit cycles on and off to keep the room at the set temperature. It took a couple of nights to get to where it wasn't waking me up when the cooling unit switched on or off. I like that the fan runs continually because it creates "white noise."
It's not really designed to be easily portable and the "silent" low fan mode is anything but! The air doesn't circulate much outside of the room it's in but I have never had it above the low fan setting, so maybe it would if I tried a little harder. Despite the negatives, I'm still thrilled to have it because I'm sleeping like a baby at night!
Review 8 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Interior of British Columbia, Canada
Date:July 7, 2012

Pleasantly surprised

Pros: excellent cooling, love the remote
Cons: none
Model Number: De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier Item # 650431
" I bought this unit to cool the upper floor of our summer cabin, approx. 800 sq ft. It does an excellent job, even during our current hot spell (90F). This is a typical all-wood log cabin and can get VERY hot upstairs. It's an open floor design with a high vaulted ceiling and it cooled the room from 80 to 70 in less than 30 minutes. Brilliant microprocessor controlled fan, it speeds up and slows down as necessary. I've not used the other functions and doubt I ever will, I made the purchase for air conditioning only. It's quieter than other systems I've tried but you certainly know it's on! The only way to get a quiet air conditioner is to pay some serious cabbage for a split system (Mitsubishi, etc.). This unit definitely surpassed my expectations and I would recommend it for a similar application. BTW, the venting system was very easy to install...I have it venting out a sliding glass door. I just added the included extension then hung one of those sandbag-type draft eliminators designed to lay on the floor at the base of a door. "
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Review 9 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Atlanta, GA
Date:July 20, 2012

Not Bad

Pros: easy to install, quiet
Cons: not very powerful in cooling, expensive if i still need to run my central unit
Model Number: 13,000 BTU
" I got this unit for my Bonus Room that is always very hot in the summer and cold in the winter. I use that room as my office and was not able to sit in there unless I had my Central Unit down to 74. My main objective was to not have to use my Central unit at all. I was hoping that it would cool it all on its own. That is why I say not bad. It will cool but not as cold as I would like it to. I do have about 500 Sq ft and exposure from 3 sides to the outside. Only had it for about 10 days and some have been in the high 90 to 100 degrees out. Seems to work good as an add on to my central unit.
I read a lot of the reviews first and i can say whoever thought the venting was flimsy, I do not agree. It is fine and was very easy to install. Some said it was noisy and I disagree. It is very quiet considering that it has to have some noise. "
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Review 10 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:New York, NY
Date:May 21, 2012

De'longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU AC

Pros: thin exhaust piece thin exhaust hose, cooling area is great!, remote is digital, very quite
Cons: none
" Since I purchased this AC and opened the box I was amazed. I had it at more door in 2 days. I opened the box and put the whole air conditioner together in literally 10min. everything is straight forward they explain it VERY well. The exhaust piece is much thinner then the average portable AC meaning your window can close more avoiding that hot air to stay outside. The MOST important part is I have a very large area about 700 Square feet and in that area is a kitchen. This ac cools the entire area off beautifully! in very little time!
I bought an amana 14k btu and it couldn't get NEAR how great this air conditioner is. It sounds solid and its very soothing and quit! great ac no complaints whatsoever!
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Review 11 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Pittsburgh, PA
Date:July 11, 2012

Does not work

" not sure if item works or not, my air was dropped from the looks of it several times during the shipping process. it had severe damage on one side, broken casters, and broken plastic. I was so disappointed in how Costco is handling this. First of it is summer and 90 degree weather out every day.i waited 5 days for this one to be delivered, so Costco now wants to arrange someone to pick this one up, it takes about 2 weeks, once they have it they will make arrangements for the new one to be shipped out. In general it may take upward of 3 weeks for this to happen. "
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Review 12 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:May 17, 2012

Delonghi-Poor customer service

Model Number: PACN130HPE
" I purchased this item from because I wanted it delivered to my home rather than have to tote it home. It arrived within 3 days. However, upon opening the box and checking the accessories, I noticed the hose adapter was broken. Called Delonghi right away. They told me that the part is not in stock... And it would be 3 - 6 weeks to send a replacement. Which means I don't have a working a/c until maybe July 1st. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of buying an air conditioner! Other option would be to box it up and tote it back to Costco :( "
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Review 13 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:May 29, 2012

Don't waste your money!!

" We received this from Costco in a very timely manner; however, after letting it sit for 24 hours like the instructions stated...we installed the unit. It ran for 5 minutes and quit. The customer service was closed for the long holiday weekend. After waiting on hold for 45 minutes today, we were told to "shake the unit!" Seriously? It did run for a minute after we shook it, but again turned off immediately. Don't waste your money on this one or your time with the manufacturer's terrible customer service "
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Review 14 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Austin, TX
Date:July 4, 2012

good garage A/C

Pros: quiet, keeps large garage cooler than outside, great remote control, light weight, rolls easily, easy to assemble
Cons: wish it had a place to store the remote, display washes out in bright sunlight
Model Number: PACN130HPE
" I purchased the DeLonghi Pinguino 13k BTU A/C for a 3.5 car garage which has insulated walls and doors. Depending on the outside temperature it is capable of keeping the garage 15 to 20 degrees cooler than outside.
It runs quietly.
The remote shows room temp as well as what temp the unit is set at.
Given how cold the air coming out is I think this unit could push more volume and perform better.
It has run all day on a couple of weekends without any issues.
I'm very happy with it.
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Review 15 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Dallas, TX
Date:June 30, 2012

Surprisingly Under Powered

Pros: reasonably quiet
Cons: did not cool enough
Model Number: PAC N130HPE
" I bought this as an emergency device so thought to test it under extreme conditions -- it was 104 outside during the day, got down to 86 at night. In a large room -- about 1000 sq ft -- during the day, it brought the room down to 88 degrees after about 1 hour. At night, despite being set to 75 degrees with full fan power, it never got cooler than 81 degrees in a 400 square foot bedroom after running for 2 hours. Perhaps I got a bad model, but I was disappointed and returned it. "
Review 16 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Boulder, CO
Date:June 30, 2012

pretty good unit

Pros: cools pretty well
Cons: still noisy tho better than most
Model Number: DELONGHI 13K PACN130HPEC - Item# 650431
" We bought this unit about ten days ago, and we ask it to cool a huge room with open areas. It is doing a pretty good job. Though it is not as quiet as we would like, it is MUCH quieter than the 12000 unit deLonghi, which we also bought and must return because of the noise.
Overall, given that none of these machines is quiet, we are pretty happy with this unit.
The industry appears not to have proper noise ratings across the board, so noise is difficult to determine. "
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Review 17 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Pottstown, Pa
Date:June 9, 2012

Better than average

Pros: works quickly, easy set-up & install, many features, remote controll, great value
Cons: its louder than average window unit, exhaust hose gets hot
" It looks and works great. The exhaust hose does get hot, which isn't a big deal to me. It is not very quite. It is actually louder than the window unit we replaced, but it is also a much larger unit. Guess to be expected. Haven't tried heater or dehumidifier yet, but I would assume they are fully functional. Overall a very nice product, that has great features all in one. It definitely gets our rooms cool quickly, that's what we wanted! "
Review 18 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Maitland, Fl
Date:July 16, 2012

Engineering stopped short of a good window fit

Pros: definetely cools the large room
Cons: very poor window fitting, difficult to empty the water basin
Model Number: PAC N130HPEC
" I understood beforehand that finding a quiet portable ac unit for a bedroom wasn't very likely to happen, but I certainly expected the window fitting pieces to be made with enough intelligence that they fit snuggly and without gaps on the top and sides to prevent the outside air from entering the room. I paid $100 for a carpenter to custom design a new window fitting (made from wood) that does preserve my cooled air and electric bill! "
Review 19 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:June 21, 2012

Satisfying purchase

Model Number: PAC N130-HPEC
" The unit cools well during this heat wave.
It is cooling a one bedroom apartment with 10 foot ceilings while fan is on medium setting.
Delonghi service reports that this unit is meant to be an auxilliary cooling unit - not primary - but it works well. [I have no other.]
Disappointment: The dehumidifier runs only a short time before the small collector has to be emptied. Running AC alone avoids this problem.
Review 20 for De'Longhi Pinguino 13,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner / Heater / Dehumidifier
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:June 20, 2012

Well Worth It

" I spend much of my summer in WI in a rural area. The home doesn't have a/c and the upstairs can get quite uncomfortable. With the latest heat wave, we plugged this in and noticed an immediate improvement - when it was 87- 94 outside, the unit was cooling the entire upstairs area down by 7-8 degrees. It did better than we thought it would and I'm contemplating buying a second one now. "
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