Customer Reviews for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa

Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa

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Customer Reviews for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
Review 1 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:December 9, 2014

Best Value I've seen

Pros: great value, heats up quick (on 220), jets have perfectly powerful, "ahs" is now owned by hot springs, led light is cool., waterfall!
Cons: difficult spa panel access, "wood" surrounding hot tub is cheap!, the cover seems too big..., no cup holders (top is too sloped)
Model Number: Aquaterra Verano
" Buying a Hot tub sight unseen was semi frightening. However, I saw a similar model (Freeflow: Monterrey) at the Hot Springs Dealer (AHS makes Aquaterra, Freeflow, and Lifesmart) so I wasn't completely in the dark.
The setup: The deliver was to the curb. It sat upright on a 8' pallet. It was secured in the vertical position by plastic wrap. It weighs about 450 pounds, so instead of taking it off the pallet, we decided to use the pallet like a sled (we had snow on the ground) and pulled it around back with our Jeep. 4 of us lowered it down to the ground and slid it into position on a cement slab. Two of us were easily able to slide it back and forth on the slab until we positioned it just right.
Hooking up Electric. We ditched the 110 volt plug and hardwired it into a sub panel we had installed. The instructions say use at least 8AWG wire from the sub panel into the spa panel. I'm not sure why it says "at least" or "at minimum" because any larger wire would not have worked. We used 6AWG and each wire (red, white, black) wouldn't fit into the screw terminals in the spa panel. (BTW, 6AWG is nearly impossible to work with-- so stiff). When you remove the 110 cord the hot tub comes with, you'll need to make the hole where the cord enters the spa panel area much bigger. Be prepared to drill. The material you're drilling through is pretty soft, it's just annoying that you'd have to do this.
Access to the spa panel involves removing about 10 screws that attach the faux wood panels to the spa shell. It wouldn't be that big of deal but it's almost impossible to line up the faux wood to the screw holes again. I now have about 6 new screw holes in the shell. (My friend who has a Hot Springs only has a lever to pull for similar access). This difficult access is my only real complaint about this hot tub. Everything else is really great!
Finally using it:
The tap water was 50* when I first filled it up. The temp increases approximately 5-6 degrees an hour on 220v. So it took 10+ hours to heat to operating temp. I keep it at 100* so when I wan to use it, I just turn up the heat a few degrees and wait 20 minutes or so and it's ready. I LOVE how fast it heats up.
For the most part, it keeps a steady temperature at 25* (F) outside. It'll lose about a degree every 20-30 minutes. By that time, you're ready for the water to be colder anyway. (FYI, if you convert to 220, you'll have to change a setting on the control panel to allow for both high speed blower and heater element to be on at the same time).
I'm not convinced the thermometer is measured in real time. I think it takes a reading every 10-15 minutes or so. (I added cold water to tap off the tub and the water felt appreciably colder after 5 minutes of filling-- but the temperature on the gauge only changed after 10-15 minutes).
Some reviewers complained about the jets not being powerful. Perhaps, but I don't want my skin blown off. I think the jets are perfect. The waterfall is a great feature, too!
This hot tub has a twice a day filter cycle. This means the low speed pump is on twice per day (for as long as you set it for... up to 4 hours (?) each cycle). This pump is also on any time the heater element is on. It's not loud, necessary, but it's still noise and is noticeable if it sits next to a living room or bedroom.
(This is different from Hot Springs in that most (if not all) Hot Springs come with a additional/separate "circulation pump" that continuously filters the water and is on when the heater element is on. It's a silent pump which is VERY NICE).
Overall, I think this is a very nice value tub. Are there nicer ones on the market? Sure. Lexus and Audi are nice, too, but who can afford those? This hot tub was 2.5k less than a similar AHS brand and model (Freeflow: Monterrey) at the Hot Springs dealer.
I'm in it nearly every night. I've never regretted I've purchased it. "
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Review 2 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Kinnelon, NJ
Date:August 22, 2013

Love It! Great Value! Well Made! Keep it Simple!

Pros: simple design, multi function led light, excellent jet action, plug n play option, step included, unibody construction, easy maintenance, good customer service, great price - anyone can afford a nice spa, costco reliability
Cons: lack of drink holders - worked around it
Model Number: Aquaterra Verona 6 Person Spa
" WOW! One of the best purchases I have made. Only have had it for 2 months, use it daily. Sleep better now than ever!
Using it as plug n play right now, with no issues. Will have to see what the winter brings. I like the fact that I can convert it to 220V if needed. In today's complex, high tech world, it's nice to have a simple system without all the extra stuff that you pay for and don't need. At $2999 this was a real bargain.
It's my first hot tub. I've wanted one for 30 yrs. but I could never justify the expense until I found this baby. I love the unibody construction. There is a texture on the tub surface but I like it! It's smooth enough but not slippery so it's safer when getting in and out and when moving around.
Many have said there are no "brewski holders". True, however I've worked around that. There are two flat areas by the filter that can easily acommodate your favorite beverage. Also, if you use a koosie for your can or bottle, the friction will allow your beverage not to slide into the tub. I also installed two little plastic tables on each side of the tub for added "beveragication".
The two speeds of the jets are fine. I thought I'd use high speed all the time, but I don't. I like to soak with no jets at times, and low at times too. I set up my exterior speakers and TV and it's become my new "evening couch". Love it. My friends and family enjoy it too. The LED colored light is a nice touch with many color options.
I added the cover lifter (not included) for $129 from Watkins Manufacturing and that was a good move. Makes it easy to store when in use and provides a little privacy on the one side of the tub.
Haven't been able to tell my electric consumption yet because we have had a very hot summer in NJ and the AC has been on 24/7 coupled with the new hot tub. But my bill was lower than last year at this time, so I'm feeling good about it so far.
I'm an active person, so I like the muscle relaxing aspects of the spa and I make a point to go in the tub right before bed and I sleep like a baby.
Easy setup and maintenance. What's not to like! COSTCO you've done it again! Thanks for a great product and the good customer service from you and Watkins that I received. Love It!
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Review 3 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Lancaster, CA
Date:May 2, 2013

Worth every penny!!!

Pros: well built unit., excellent jets, retains heat very well, upkeep is a breeze
Cons: could use some drink holders
" So I did a lot of research before purchasing this hot tub. With that said i have also owned this model for over a year now. I waited so long to review because the reviews are what helped me decide on this model and i wanted to give a detailed review.Like I stated i searched far and wide for hot tubs. I didnt want some $10k tub with built in stereo and a disco ball etc. I wanted a well built tub that would last. The tub itself is well made. There is spray foam in the interior to retrain the heat. I did have the tub converted to 220v. That sucker can put out some heat. As for energy consumption, to be honest its almost negligible. Maybe a few bucks more a month in the winter but i didnt really notice it. I saw a few reviews that mentioned the rough texture of the shell, I see no issue with it. It does not feel rough to me in any way but i guess that is just my opinion. The seating is excellent. All four corner seats have different jets so you can find your favorite. It is advertised as a 6 person. I will say i have had 6 adults in there but it is tight so you better be good friends. Four adults fit excellent in there. As for moving it that was no big deal. Im over 6ft tall and pretty strong so i moved the thing myself. Two normal adults will have no problem moving it. I mention this because they will only drop the tub on the curb. They pulled it off the truck and placed the tub on my driveway. I will not make this much longer but if you are looking for a great hot tub at a great price i cannot recommend this model enough!!! My one and only con is the lack of drink holders. there is one molded in but it slants and will not properly hold my brewskis. In the grand scheme that is very minor. Th Wife and i are overjoyed with this hot tub!! "
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Review 4 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:San Francisco, CA
Date:January 9, 2014

Good value

Pros: easy to use, easy to maintain
Cons: not as energy efficient as we had hoped
" I've been waiting a while before posting a review as I wanted to get a good feel for what it was like to have it for a period of time. We bought and installed the tub six months ago. Here are my observations to date:
We had ours converted to 230V as we understood it would be the most energy efficient option. We have been disappointed at the cost of owning the spa from an energy consumption perspective. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and this has added $100/mo to our energy cost consistently month over month while set in the most energy efficient mode available. We use the hot tub for 30 to 45 minutes 3 to 4 times per week.
The tub is easy to maintain, I test water once a week, typically I only need to add a bit of granulated chorline, I rinse the filter and it's usually fine with that. Twice I have added an additional water clarification product available from Leisure Time to further clarify, but I've only used that product approximately once a quarter.
The spa is very quiet on the low jet setting and though louder on the high setting it's not objectionable. Overall I'm very pleased with the ease of use of the control panel and overall functioning of the spa.
There are a couple of areas in the seating area of the interior fiberglass shell where there are minor (but annoying) rough surfaces. When it's time for us to drain our tub and start over we might have someone do some limited spot sanding on those areas.
In all though, when compared to the other tubs we looked at and their costs, I'm pleased with our decision. It appears to be a good value for the up front cost, and if you live in an area with lower utility costs it's really a slam dunk. "
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Review 5 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Quincy, CA
Date:April 16, 2015

Good product - excellent customer service!

Model Number: Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
" We have had the hot tub for ten months, and it has fully met our expectation and continues to perform well – we are very happy with it. The customer service we received from the hot tub manufacture, Watkins Manufacturing, has been EXCEPTIONAL.
Shortly after nine months we experienced an electrical power surge throughout our house, which “fired” the circuit boards in several of our appliances, including the circuit board in the hot tub controller. We got an estimate for repair from a hot tub repair company of approximately $1,100.00, but that was replacing the controller with a generic controller. Being concerned with using a generic controller, I contacted Watkin Manufacturing, the manufacture of the Aquaterra hot tub by email. I eventually spoke by phone with Stephen Acuña, Customer Care Associate, for Watkins. He told me my concern was justified, the generic controller would not work with this hot tub, and that the correct controller cost approximately $500.00. He asked a little more about what happen. He explained that, understandably, the hot tub warranty did not cover power surges. He then went on to tell me that since we had had the hot tub for only nine months, he would send us a new controller at no cost, and explained that is was fairly easy to install. He also gave me his direct phone number and told me to call if I had any problems with the installation. The controller arrived two days later. Even working slowly, I installed the controller is less than two hours, and the hot tub had been working great even since.
Summary: good hot tub – great customer service!
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Review 6 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:July 9, 2014

Awesome product and customer service!

Pros: product and customer service
Cons: none
" Everything the reviews said about the customer service is true. This is the best company I have encountered in any industry. They do all the things other companies say they do (but don't). You call, they answer. If they don't, they call you right back. They always promptly answer email. I had so many questions being a new spa owner, and they answered them all! I sent similar questions (phone and email ) to other spa companies when I was deciding what to buy. None of the others bothered to answer. This company is simply the best. If you have any question at all about a spa of theirs you are looking at, just call (or email) them! I am certain their responsiveness, professionalism, and knowledge will instantly make your decision easy. We are extremely happy with the Verona. Works great, looks great, better than spas twice its price. The overall ownership experience is unmatched in this day and age. Thanks to them for all their help with my questions and leaving me thrilled with my purchase. I will only buy their spas moving forward, won't even look elsewhere. If you use the spa at "normal" intervals, you are probably just fine with the plug and play. If you have kids like mine who are in and out and in again (and out again) pool / spa / pool / spa (without covering it) then probably best to hard wire so it heats quickly and maintains the heat with cover off. All and all, the Verona is an amazing spa purchase! Also arrived quickly, responsive shipping company, actually helped me move it into place even though they didn't have to. "
Review 7 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:McMinnville, OR
Date:May 6, 2014

Good spa, Great customer service

Pros: value for the money great customer service
Cons: nothing fancy
Model Number: Cabo
" We bought an Aquaterra spa about three years ago. It was the Aquaterra Cabo model which is the equivalent of this Verona. It is not the top of the line spa but serves our purpose just fine. We have had very good luck with it and have not needed any service on it until now. The jets started to pop out and would not stay in place. While looking at the jets, it seemed that the tabs that held them in place were worn. I went to the Aquaterra website and saw replacement jets for $20 apiece. I needed 11 of them. Not wanting to spend $220 without making sure this was the problem, I called Aquaterra customer service to see if the worn tabs were actually the problem and to determine which type of jets I needed to buy. A guy by the name of Wayne knew what the problem was upon hearing my story. He said it was most likely caused by chemical imbalance over the years eating up the plastic jets. He asked me how many I needed. I told him 11. He said he would send them out immediately - and he did. I asked how much that will cost and he said nothing! I fully expected to pay for them but he refused to charge me. Again, we have been using this spa for over 3 years. I received the jets in the mail about 5 days later with instructions on how to better keep my spa water in balance. I was truly impressed with the customer service I received and am once again able to use the spa. Thank you Aquaterra. "
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Review 8 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:September 15, 2012

Good spa and excellent customer service.

Pros: excellent customer service, very affordable
Model Number: Verona
" After searching off and on for a spa over the past couple years and doing tons of research we decided on this particular spa. The price was excellent and we are overall very, very happy with this spa. Everything from ordering, delivery and all customer service from Aquaterra was superb. Ths spa came to us in great working order and two people easily moved it from the drive to the patio( although we did borrow a pallet jack from a friend) in just a few minutes. We had a licensed electrician convert from 110 to 220 although the spa seemed to work fine on just the plug and play, we just wanted it to be more efficient since it gets very cold here in the winter. Had a small problem when we first hooked it up but realized it was a issue from the contractor, not the spa itself. My husband contacted Aquaterra and Wayne a service tech walked him through everything. I cannot stress enough how great Wayne was and is a true example of what great customer service is all about. As a small business owner myself that takes pride in offering exemplry customer service it was such a nice suprise to find another company that takes it just as seriously! All in all a great experience and can't recommend the spa, Aquaterra, or Costco enough! "
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Review 9 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Miami, FL
Date:March 11, 2015

Very Nice Spa

Pros: customer service, quality, price
Cons: no cupholders, jets on the weak side
Model Number: Verona
" I've had the Verona now for about 6 months and I love it. I used to own a spa a few years ago which led me to believe I knew everything about setting up the water so I barely read the instructions and quickly proceeded to throw the water chemistry totally out of whack. I ended up calling customer service many, many times and all I can say is they are amazing, especially Stephen. He returned phone calls, emails and was just incredibly helpful in helping me get everything perfect. The spa itself is very good quality and is very attractive. I have it hooked up to 220V and normally keep the water at 93 when not in use because it heats up so quickly. It can go from 93 to 100 in less than an hour. Electric bill has not gone up that much, just a few bucks a month. One big disappointment it the lack of cup holders, not sure why that isn't standard on even the most basic of spas. The jets are also a little on the weak side but they still feel great and for the price paid I am satisfied. "
Review 10 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Washington State
Date:January 9, 2012

Happy with puchase

Model Number: Verona 609020
" This product is pretty much exactly as advertised, and we found it to be a great value. We wanted a no-frills, inexpensive, but durable hot tub. We don't want a bunch of jets because we like the peace and quiet of soaking without the noise.
The spa delivery went extremely smoothly, was received as expected and easy to set up following the directions.
Lightweight spa, but durable and solid
Doesn't have a lot of complicated controls
Plastic shell, will not rot like wood
There are a few places that appear to be for placing drinks, but they are slanted downward slightly. We like to soak with a cup of coffee or bottle of water nearby, and it's hard to find a place to perch it so that is is balanced.
The other thing (and this is not really a con), is that the material in the inner tub is slightly rough. Other hut tubs we've owned were more smooth on the inside. I don't really mind it, because I think it's how the newer tubs are made. Plus, you slip around less.
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Review 11 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Sacramento, CA
Date:February 4, 2014

Class Act

Pros: good product and super support
Model Number: AquaTerra Verona
" I purchased this spa in December 2013 upon the recommendation of a relative who had a 2-3 year old AquaTerra spa from Costco. Delivery was timely and the spa was easily set up. There were a few things, relative to the older spa, which were not as advertised and I found this to be an error on Costco, which I am assured will be corrected. The company who actually owns AquaTerra is apparently "Watkins Manufacturing Corporation". I have worked with their Customer Service department numerous times since my purchase (specifically Stephen) and if my experience is at all indicative of the company as a whole I would say that this is by far THE BEST I have encountered in many years. Stephen took the time to ensure that he had a satisfied customer and actually went "above and beyond".
I did not think that customer service existed in the US any more and I have been totally shocked at how GOOD this company is. Hats off to AquaTerra (Watkins Manufacturing).
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Review 12 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles County
Date:January 6, 2014

A good Spa for the money

Pros: 6 reconfigurable jets in one corner, plug & play setup is pretty easy.
Cons: must provide a full support deck. $280 lumber only, needs low-back leg & foot jets, drinks may slide off sloped drink platform, allow 30 hours for initial warm-up, multiple screws to remove access door for setup, seats are a bit too contoured and limit motion
Model Number: Verona
" I replaced a 22 yr old Hot Springs Classic. We avoided all the "lounger" designs. First problem was the need to build a level wood deck to support the base fully. The classic had designated support beams, and could easily be shimmed level. I used 2x6 redwood with supports every 12". At 120v the heatup requires about 30 hours, but installing with 240v would have taken much longer. The jets feel nice, but not as vigorous as my old spa. The large jets can be replaced with spinning jets (6 in one corner) and that improves the massage. (Call Watkins for replacements). I made the drink platform usable by using clear vinyl hemispheric bumpers to prevent slide-off, and now there's room for 2 12 oz cans there. One wish is a low jet(s) for feet, and more replaceable large jets in other corners. A jet low in the center of one wall would permit low back and leg massage. Nonetheless this is a good product for the price. "
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Review 13 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:new jersey
Date:September 27, 2014

great product. ..not for deep tissue massage

Pros: great value, attractive, customer service
Cons: jets are not overly strong
Model Number: verona
" A soak in a friends older very powerful hot tub with very powerful jets is what made me want a hot tub. I chose the verona based on the reviews, price, costco guarantee and size. Hooked up 220v which is essential in the northeast and I plan to use the tub year round. Finally installed it last week. It's very solidly built, nice led light, maintains heat well..only misconception was that the jets would be suprtstrong. They're not. .but after a week of using it..I have concluded that the 104 degree water us what totally relaxes you and that I don't really care about the jets. So overall it's perfect for my needs.
Also the open seating is nice, it's easy to move around and the texture of the seating is nice.
The more jets and pumps, the more things can break. This is an amazing value and Stephen in cust service is probably the finest customer service professional you will interact with in any setting. "
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Review 14 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Huntington Beach, CA
Date:February 27, 2013

Love this tub!

Pros: easy set up powerful jets open layout
Cons: high energy consumption! $100 month on 110.
" So we purchased this spa for Christmas 2012, had it up and running by the 27th, I really like this tub. Running it on 110, works great! Spa does cool down about 2 degrees an hour (spa can only heat with the pump on low, with the pump on high the spa does not heat). I wanted to wait on reviewing the spa to see the impact on my electric bill, and so far it has raised our electric bill by $100 each month, but I do take a dip every night for about half an hour. Not very stoked on the energy consumption. Might be more efficient on 220. Also, as mentioned by many reviews, the customer service and deliver people are great, but don't expect the delivery to be on your time, they will deliver when it is convenient for them, not you. Spa seems well built. 4 stars because of high electrical bill. "
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Review 15 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:northeastern NC
Date:July 23, 2014

Outstanding Across The Board

Pros: best value and customer service
Cons: none
" This company impressed me even before I made my purchase. I called them and promptly had an expert on the phone who answered all of my questions, primarily ones about my electrical situation. The spa and its components are all very high-quality. With the exception of some special electrical connection work our house needed, I set up and installed it myself upon solid ground, a layer of sand, and a plastic-panel foundation kit I purchased else where. This will allow us to easily move the spa if and when we ever build a deck in the same area. Customer service was also exemplary after the sale when I had some follow-up questions. For what it's worth, I worked in the pool/spa business for 7 years and even with my connections, this was the best value and overall deal I could find. "
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Review 16 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Roseville, CA
Date:April 21, 2014

Exactly as expected, no surprises

Pros: ease of purchase ease of set-up price
Cons: plastic steps (but at least it came with steps)
" Our spa purchase went as smoothly as could be without any hiccups or problems. I researched many spa manufacturers and products and soon became overwhelmed with the multitude of options. I ended up going with Costco because I know they pick only the best products and figured they did the research for me. Also, you cannot beat the pricing. I had ordered the spa and was pending delivery when Costco lowered the price by $500. I called and they credited my account $500, no problem. The reason I gave the review a 4 rather than 5 star is that the spa does look on the cheaper side, especially the plastic steps, but that should be expected for the price. One other comment, it is extremely easy to set-up, plug in and enjoy. All in all, very happy with the purchase! "
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Review 17 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:November 3, 2014

Good hot tub

Pros: price quailty size delivery
Cons: jets a little weak but acceptable.
" This hot tub was delivered last week. Delivery was on time and driver was helpful. I had an electrician hook up the the tub 230v which cost about $630 for the wire, subpanel, breaker, conduit, and labor. I definitely recommend going this route. Initial water temp was about 70 degrees and it heated to 104 in about 5 and a half hours. I have spend a lot of time in the tub so far and have really enjoyed it. Even when the outdoor temperature dipped down into the 30's the water temperature maintained and did not drop at all. The jets could be a little stronger but they are adequate. This hot tub seems well constructed, and for the price I think that it is an incredible value. The cover also seems very nice. I will be ordering an cover lifter. "
Review 18 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:June 23, 2012

Great Spa, Excellent Price

" Ordering was easy and delivery on time. We have it hooked up to 120 volts and it does take a while to heat (over 24 hours to get to 101 degrees) but my well water was 45 degrees to start with. Now it maintains the heat fine with the cover on. It does cool off when you are in it (about 2-4 degrees in an hour of use, depending on outside temp) but we don't mind that. We may have to convert it to 240v if we use it this winter so it will maintain heat better.
We love the spa after one week and it was by far the best deal out there. We don't think the surface is too rough at all but that's personal opinion I suppose. Some place for drinks would be nice but that's the only minor complaint about this great spa deal! "
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Review 19 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Tahoe, CA
Date:September 15, 2014

Perfect for cabin!

Pros: easy to install and operate.
" We just received this hot tub on Friday, and were enjoying it the next day. It is very well made and is actually not as small as they make it look in the picture. Before I got it I was afraid it would look like a toy, but it is the perfect size. It easily, and comfortably will fit 6 people. The jets work great, and there are places to put a drink. It was so easy to install. It took 4 guys to bring it on to the deck, and then an electrician hooked it up in about an hour to 220. We got it for a vacation house where it snows and we can tell it is going to work out very well. It is well insulated and Watkins Manufacturing said they've improved this model with increased heating ability in cold weather. "
Review 20 for Aquaterra™ Spas Verona 22-jet, 6-person Spa
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Clemente, CA
Date:March 13, 2012

Best Customer Service from the company

" We have had 2 other spa's our favorite was the half in the ground one because it was a commercial unit and it was deep. This spa from Aqua Terra is great. It isn't too deep but it looks good, we were in it last night and enjoyed it very much. But the best part of the whole experience so far was the company who manufactured the spa and the delivery. Denise at Aqua Terra was very prompt and professional in our communication. The two guys who delivered our spa were the nicest of gentlemen they even for a small fee brought the spa to our back yard and helped my husband set it up. Thanks to Denise and the guys we really appreciate you! Now to enjoying the spa! "
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