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SENSA® Weight Loss System

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Customer Reviews for SENSA® Weight Loss System
Review 1 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Philadelphia, PA
Date:February 10, 2012

Straight forward and effective

Pros: easy
" My wife and I decided to give it a shot. We are not dieters but could stand to lose some significant weight (>30 lbs each). If you are looking for something to do the work for you, this is the wrong place to look. Also, patience is a good thing to have: their claim of 30 lbs in 6 months is 5 lbs per month - a very healthy way to lose weight.
My experience was that the shaker was convenient, the powder did not really affect food taste (or have any side effects), and once I established a habit, it was easy to do. When I used it, my appetite was quickly satisfied and I stayed satisfied for a significant period of time - usually til the next meal.
Now here's the tricky part; I had to put effort towards reducing my proportions. It is well documented that many people eat just to eat - not to survive. I do that to an extent. I eat something for the sensory pleasure. Honestly, I could have continued to eat after I felt satisfied and finished the quantity of food I would have normally consumed. The work comes in trusting the satisfied feeling and pushing the dish away (early in the process when you are used to serving yourself large portions) or serving yourself less food (after you trust the satisfied feeling Sensa gives you). Although I never felt hungry while using Sensa (and crazy hungry when I didn't use it), I used chewing gum when I needed to taste something between meals or during times I would have normally eaten a snack.
One issue that I have with Sensa's marketing is that they specify that you don't have to change your diet. While that may be possible, any sensible person would realize that eating smaller mass quantities of ice cream or junk food may interfere with the process of loosing weight.
These days, when I go out to eat, I don't use Sensa. However, the nice thing that I find is that I still fill up quicker. But I am reminded that it is still up to me to push the dish away and ask for a container to bring home the leftovers.
I have lost 12 lbs in one and one-half months. I did not join a gym, I have not changed my activity, and I did not change the type of food I eat. It has probably been the least painful of any diet I have ever tried. I can't get bored because I can eat whatever I want (I have had an occasional candy bar without any guilt). Try it. I wish you success. "
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Review 2 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Stockton, CA
Date:July 16, 2012

I losing the pounds!

Pros: it works!, i eat smaller portion even when not using sensa.
Cons: none so far
" This product has far exceeded my expectations. About 4 yrs ago, I lost 20 lbs through diet & exercise. It is the healthier way to lose weight, but it did take a lot of commitment. I eventually gain it all back after slacking off for a couple of years. This time, I wanted to lose the weight again, but with a little more help. Reading so many positive reviews, I gave Sensa a try.
I've used Sensa for 1 month now, and I've lost 9 lbs. The only exercise I do is walk 2 miles 3 days/wk (or less sometimes) and do more chores so that I'm not sitting down as much. I use Sensa about 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time, I indulge sensibly. Sensa does curve my appetite tremenously, so much that I was eating less than 500 calories a day. That's why during the 1st wk where I used for 6 days, I lost 5 lbs (mainly water weight I think). I realized that it's just too much weight to lose in 1 wk, so I started to use Sensa a lot less so that I lose at a healthier rate. Had I used it everyday like the 1st wk, I think I would've lost 15 lbs in the 1st month.
I like Sensa in that it makes me full for a long time (5 hrs at least) and it cuts down my appetite where I didn't want to take another bite of that delicious food. The product has no taste or smell, so it doesn't alter the flavor of your food at all. I also notice that even when I'm not using Sensa, I'm still eating a lot smaller portion and feels full because my body has gotten used to the smaller portion. So I can see that even when I eventually stop using Sensa altogether, it wouldn't be hard to maintain the small portions.
You do have to pay attention to your body and stop eating when you feel full. Like anything else, this doesn't work for everyone. But I think it's worth a try to see if it works for you, because if it does, you'll find that it's so easy to lose the weight.
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Review 3 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Cedar Park, TX
Date:March 6, 2013

DON"T toss at the end of month-Worked 2 year later

Pros: steady healthy consistent weight loss, teaches portion control & weight monitoring, consistent use will reduce appetite and cravings, eat what i want (reasonable portion) then sprinkle, combine with rigorous work to increase weight loss, made shopping for clothes fun again!, blood pressure cholesterol dropped, feel fabulous and look terrific!, return of healthy self confidence and self esteem, eliminates denial about creeping weight
Cons: inconsistency will not work, must carry in my purse - no longer a bother now, must focus health not vanity and get results, patience and accept you may only loose 1 lb/week, pricey but not more than any other "diet", being unhealthy is more expensive as we age, must decide to lose weight to improve your health
" I bought a 2 months supply 2 years ago and like others struggled to remember to use it. With consistency I noticed over time I started to dish up smaller portions and my night snacking and sweet cravings disappeared. But I wasn't dedicated and so nothing happened. Kept what was left and used it 2 years later from 7/2012-10/2012 when I was working rigorously to restore a house I bought. In that 4 months I used what remained from 2 years ago EVERY meal and lost 33 lbs in 4 months and have maintained the loss but haven't lost the last optional 7 lbs (mostly in my middle) in the 4 months since. I just purchased the 6 months supply at the fabulous COSTCO price to lose the last (optional) 7 lbs. and what remains of this batch I will use to get back on track following holidays and if I see the weight starting to creep back. I have a serious sweet tooth and a construction worker's appetite but do eat healthy and drink lots of water. My huge appetite did not increase during the seriously rigorous physical work during that 4 months, and it normally would have. I went from a tight size 12 to a "sloppy" size 4. At my age of 66, NO amount of exercise (walked fast 3 miles/day) or healthy eating was working during the 4 months of solid commitment on my own. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels! Don't toss what is left as I am living proof that it continues to work years later so manufacturer's claim that it is not effective after 30 days is bogus. Possibly as consumers we are not using enough when we sprinke it. "
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Review 4 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:New York City, busy working mom of two
Date:October 11, 2012

Slow but steady

Pros: easy and no food deprevation
Cons: nothing really
" I used this product because I first brought it for my husband since he gained some sympathy pregnancy weight with me. He struggled with it because he kept forgetting to sprinkle so after a week he gave up. I picked it up after I stopped breastfeeding and finding myself eating the same amount of food but I am not burning as much calories once I stopped breastfeeding. Slowly I see the extra 5lbs I needed to lose became extra 10 so I started Sensa. In the first month I saw nothing but I am the type that doesn't give up easily so I tried the 2nd month and I saw some difference. I find myself wanting to eat more but when I do I have some stomach issues ( running to the bathroom quite often) so that helps me to stop after I am full and not stuffed. 3rd and 4th months is pretty much the same I was just trekking along. I also do Bikram yoga as a form of exercise.By the 5th month I am back into my pre-pregnancy size and people are starting to notice. I am not like some people who lost 30 plus pounds in the first 2 months but this is my 6th month and I am happy to say I have enjoyed all the food I wanted and never deprived myself so I must say this works for me even though I lost only 10lbs in 5 plus month. I guess I didn't have that much to lose to start of so this 10lbs look a lot more on my frame. So in conclusion I would like to restart the whole program from month 1 again and see how much I can continue to lose. "
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Review 5 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:New Jersey
Date:November 30, 2012


Pros: weight loss, no picking in between meals, eating less portions, reasonably priced
Cons: i don't really have one.
" I am born and raised in an Italian family. I have been programmed to finish my plate. I am 40 now, and over the last 2 years I had gained 8 pounds which I just could NOT lose. It boosted me out of my lifetime size 2-4 and most of my closet was un-usable. I had a salon client come in and he looked amazing. It was like he lost a whole person. I asked what diet he was on and he proceeded to RAVE about Sensa. He was on month 3 and had lost 25 pounds without changing a thing. He went into much detail and boy if he wasn't living proof it worked. I bought my first month and am already 3 weeks in. I have lost 3.5 pounds. It looks like in one more month I will be back into my closet and so very happy. Just in time for vacation. I use it on EVERY thing I eat which is much less, because my picking in between has all but stopped completely. Half way through my meal I am as full as if I ate two platefuls, not a half. I have been taking home leftovers like never before. I couldn't think about picking or eating if I tried. I love it! Read the directions, watch the CD. Do it right and you will lose weight. It is not a feel free to eat any food, just regular food and you will just eat less of it. The better choices you make, the more severe the weight loss. I love my pasta, so I just eat less of it and it's awesome. "
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Review 6 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Atlanta, GA
Date:November 13, 2012

Not impressed

Pros: works well as an appetite supressant
Cons: doesn't work with my way of eating, easy to forget to use, counter-intuitive if you don't season your food
" My issue isn't so much weight loss as it is getting back into and staying in shape. Like a lot of men that were quite athletic and basically gym-rats in their 20's and 30's, family life and career have derailed and changed my fitness priorities. Following the stereotype, I never got out of the habit of being a healthy eater - both eating well AND consuming large quantities. Now that I'm 50, I still eat fairly well, but have not reduced my intake enough considering that my life is far more sedentary than it was 15-20 years ago.
I bought the 1st month of the SENSA system hoping it would help me reduce my portions. It did help control my appetite. In fact, it worked very well, when I remembered to use it. However, I just don't like to tote something around to sprinkle over everything I eat, whenever I eat. For my personality, it's annoying because I generally DON'T season food at the table - I season when I cook. Using a shaker on everything is counter-intuitive for me, and soon became an afterthought. On top of that, the Quench Orange Crush is awful. It clumps and does not mix well in cold water, especially ice water. You shouldn't need a shaker bottle to mix it. Overall, given my month 1 experience, the SENSA system is not for me, and I won't bother taking the next step. "
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Review 7 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Diego
Date:January 14, 2013

It REALLY works!!

Pros: easy to use., cheap compared to other diets., it really works!, easy to use when eating out.
Cons: none!
" I've been on Sensa Month 1 for one week now. I've lost 3 pounds!! I was skeptical about trying it, but figured since I bought it at Costco I could return it if it didn't work or tasted bad. It curbs my appetite and makes me physically feel full. It stops me from having cravings also. There's 2 shakers. The shaker has a salty side & a sweet side. The sweet side has a perfumey smell, but it's not that bad. It doesn't change the taste of food at all. You MUST put it on all food you eat, even fruit & chips, etc. You don't use it on soups or your liquid drinks. I am really happy with this so far. Last week I had fast food from a hamburger place and fried chicken from a hamburger place. Used the Sensa and by the time I finished the burger I was full and didn't want the fries. When I finished the chicken I was too full for the mashed potatoes. I notice that if I over eat and ignore the fullness I end up feeling really bloated and a bit nauseous. It works for me. I think it will work for anyone who will listen to their body and STOPS eating when they are full. I love that this STOPS all my cravings, I can sit and watch TV at night and seriously have NO desire for snacks. I will be purchasing the remainder of the months. I want to lose 40-45 pounds. So we'll see what happens! "
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Review 8 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:July 20, 2012


Pros: none
Cons: increased cravings, not "sensa"ble to use going out to dinner etc, hard to sprinkle on snacks chips m&ms etc
" So I know everyone is different but this product did not work for me AT ALL. I started it on a Saturday after watching the how-to DVD. I feel I used an adequate amount of the sprinkle on everything I ate. This product did JUST the opposite for me. I was craving more than usual and still ate all my food (which they say is normal to still eat all your food but to pay attention to how full you feel). Well, I didnt feel any fuller than normal. By Sunday I actually was craving ice cream so bad (and I never crave ice cream) I went down to the market and bought a PINT of Ben & Jerrys. No, I did not eat it all in one sitting but still. This is also not a good/easy product to use if you are going on a date, meeting new people, etc. I recently joined several meetup groups and I can't take this with me to go have chips and salsa - sprinkle it on every chip?? Nonsense! I also found I just plain forgot to use the product and I just really don't like the concept. I say if you want to give it a try go for it, cause everyone is different. My Dad starting using it the same time as me and he has cut his meals in half, etc. But it's not working for me.... "
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Review 9 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:July 13, 2012


Pros: you can return it to costco without a hassle.
Cons: many--can't locate the clinial trial information.
" I bought this because Costco was selling it. I had toyed with the idea in the past, but the fact that it was for sale at Costco--pushed me to finally give it a try.
I was really looking forward to giving this diet a fair try. I had a great attitude until I started using this program. I was completely unimpressed with the product and the affect that it had on my eating habits. This is when I decided to do further research.
The advertisement state that Sensa has gone through a clinical trial. When I decided to read the clinical trial, I was unable to find it.
I am a registered nurse. I believe in clinical trials that are published in peer reviewed journals. This way, others are able to determine the strengths and weaknesses in the targeted trial. There is no way to determine if the Sensa trial was well designed, because you are unable to read it. When things are well designed, the facts are out there for everyone to see and locate.
I am disappointed that Costco would carry this product.
Back to Weight Watchers. It is the only plan that has worked for me. I have kept off 90% of the weight that I lost with them 5 years ago. "
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Review 10 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:April 28, 2013

Read both the good and bad reviews before buying..

Pros: if used in a.m. felt full later in day
Cons: i could smell the sweet tastants, i could taste the sweet tastants, don't like the taste of sweet tastants, gained weight even though used properly, did not work if i was overhungry
Model Number: Sensa month 1
" About a year ago I had met someone who tried Sensa and it was working for them. I figured I would give it a try. When I started Sensa I was having a hard time losing weight but at least I was maintaining. Since I have started Sensa my weight has increased four pounds in the last month. I used the product consistently and as directed. Exercised regularly. kept a food journal and tried to watch what I was eating. During the first week of use I was hungrier than normal. Ravenous to be specific. After that I experienced a sense of fullness and even overfullness throughout the afternoons. Over the last two weeks I had actually been eating less. Because of the weight gain I was hesitant to continue on to the 2nd month. The company said sometimes it takes time for the weightloss to begin. I was online getting ready to purchase month 2 and started reading the reviews. There were many positive reviews but I decided to read the negative reviews as well. Because other users also experienced weight gain I decided not to continue on with the product. "
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Review 11 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Pleasant View, UT
Date:June 19, 2013

Sensa DOES work

Pros: feel full.
Cons: took me over two months to really tell.
" My husband and I bought two months of Sensa online. After two months, we decided it wasn't worth the money so I cancelled our auto ship. We continued to use the Sensa we still had and now it is really working! My husband has lost 10 pounds and I have lost 9. (How come guys lose faster than girls?) I just bought more at Costco and came to to see about the other months. You really have to give it more than two months to change your eating habits and notice weight loss. I say eating habits because if you still put just as much on your plate, you will still eat it even if you are full! Now I find I can even skip dinner or just sprinkle a little on a couple of crackers and I'm good. I really like the Sensa Quench for an afternoon pick-me-up too. I haven't tried the chews yet, but I will. Just wanted to share that it does take time to see and feel the difference. "
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Review 12 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:kansas city, missouri
Date:February 11, 2013


Pros: if used 4 the full 6mon. as intended it will work, didnt have to count add or use specific portions
Cons: cost for me its a little too high priced
" this being a fairly new product i wanted to read up on it and the inventor says its not fairy dust that is going to melt away the pounds, this product works as intended,
i could tell when i didn't use it i would eat more at the next meal, i used this for about a month and a half along side my girlfriend we both lost a few pounds then we ran out of extra money with her car repairs and couldn't afford it, now that we are back on track and new job more money, we started this venture again,
in summary,
*it works well if you use it on everything
*if you listen to your body say full and not go past it
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Review 13 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:West Bloomfield, MI
Date:March 12, 2013

SENSA: A Diet Plan That Works!

Pros: easy to use, doesn't add noticeable flavor to foods, simple plan to follow
Cons: none
" I wasn't losing the goal weight that I wanted with straight exercise. I lost some weight and then plateaued. I wanted to lose another 30lb's so I decided to give SENSA a try. To be honest, I was skeptical of the "Sprinkle Diet", but after two weeks here is my take on the product. First of all I have lost just over four lbs. in two weeks. It took a few days but the tasteants in SENSA have curbed my appetite during meals and for the most part between meals as well. I am exercising daily, use the calorie counter, weight and water trackers contained in the MYSENSA website as part of my plan. I feel all these these tools and exercise are contributing to my successful program start. I plan to continue with the product and expect to reach my goal weight loss of 30 lbs+ without any problem.This like most diet plans you get results if you work at it. "
Review 14 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:New Mexico
Date:June 11, 2012


Pros: inexpensive, easy to do, fun to do, love the sensa community, you can eat what you want, you don't feel hungry, you can get support from the sensa community
Cons: none!
" My friend told me about Sensa and I'm thrilled she did. I've tried Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. I discovered things like Jenny Craig & Nutrisystem where you have to eat their food is worthless because you don't learn good eating habits. You loose weight then go back to eating real food and gain it all back. Weight Watchers is good but too much work.
This is great, I sprinkle everything I eat and I am not hungry. I end up eating smaller portions and I am making smarter choices on the food I eat.
I also participate in the Sensa community so I get support from others who are using it so I am never alone.
I have been on it 5 weeks and I've lost 10 lbs. It's not fast loss but it's the kind of loss that will stay off because you have learned better eating habits and you don't feel like your depriving yourself of things you enjoy. "
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Review 15 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:August 25, 2012

Try it with MyFitnessPro

Pros: really does help me eat less!, super convenient
" Sensa is like a miracle in my life. Never in my adult life have I felt less held hostage to my appetite than I have these last months.
Having said that, I did not lose weight right away using Sensa all by itself. So, I started using Sensa in combination with MyFitnessPro, a free phone app that lets me track calories. Using MyFitnessPro encouraged me to start exercising more, too. With the combination of these tools, I have lost 15 pounds in 45 days.
15 pounds in 45 days! Seriously, I could not be happier!
I am vigilant about my diet with the help of MFP, and Sensa keeps me from being hungry and stressed out all the time.
If Sensa alone does not seem to get the job done for you, consider adding a calorie tool that will help you really understand your caloric intake. And MFP is SUPER easy. Good luck!!! "
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Review 16 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:March 28, 2013


" I was having a tough time losing weight after having my first child...eating right and exercise just didn't seem to be doing enough. I decided to give Sensa a try and could not be happier with the results. I've lost 15 pounds in 2 months and have made more progress in the past 60 days than I had on my own in over the course of the last 6 months. I weighed 125 lbs before I became pregnant, and 153 lbs when I had my daughter. I was stuck at 148-149lbs for months following her birth. I am now down to 133-134 lbs, and have less than 10 pounds to go to get back to my previous weight. I could not be happier with the results I've had from using Sensa. This is an outstanding product and it works! Follow the directions, stick to it, and the weight will come off. I highly recommend this product! "
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Review 17 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Phoenix, AZ
Date:January 27, 2012

Conquers that hungry feeling!

Pros: easy to use, stops that hungry feeling, no food restrictions, can use on restaurant food, discreet, it works!!!!!
" I am on my second month of Sensa and it works! I have steadily lost weight thanks to its ability to stop the constantly hungry feeling I had before using it. It's not a 'miracle' product but I slowly lost weight in month one and since adding exercise in month two am losing even more! The best part of it for me has been feeling full after normal meals now and not always stuffing myself and still feeling hungry.
The other review about it being high in salt and sugar is incorrect. Read the nutrition label - 0 sodium and 0 sugar. I do not retain water or eat more sugar on Sensa. It wouldn't work if people using it did.
The Orange Crush drink may be an acquired taste but I found the colder it was, the better it tasted. I make an icy slush with it and treat it like a snack. Love it now! "
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Review 18 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Brandywine, MD
Date:April 25, 2012

Dollars and $en$a

Pros: buying at costco gives a recourse if bad product., costco has product in store., no hassle return @ costco when/if needed.
Cons: non-costco purchases charge total upfront., difficult to cancel non-costco purchases.
" About a month ago, both my wife and I bought Sensa. She has lost about 6-10 pounds and curtailed her eating habits; me, I have not lost any weight but still trying to follow through on the Sensa plan.
I actually do not understand HOW it can work, there appears not to be any unique ingredients. Nothing that might also concern anyone on meds for health reasons; so NO expected interactions/complications.
Perhaps it is simply a PLAN that makes the user MORE aware of what they are eating and the volume they intend to eat. Committing to shaking Sensa on EVERYTHING makes you actually THINK about these things that perhaps you might have not considered prior.
Me, I am going to keep trying Sensa. The cost is minimal and the return is good IF it works. If not, nothing much lost.
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Review 19 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Surfside Beach, SC
Date:November 17, 2012

Works for me

Pros: has work for me easy to use, sufficient product for the month, orderless and tasteless
Cons: wish i could get all 6 months at a costco store
" Started on 9/16/12 and by 10/14/12 I had lost 16.5 lbs. The next month 10/14/12 to 11/11/12 was not as spectacular at 4.2 lbs. Very easy to use. When out friends have asked what it is. I explain the program and so far three have started on the program. I sprinkle on everything I can. What seems to be happening is that the product tells the brain that you are not hungry so you do not crave something to eat. Many days I go from breakfast to early (4:30) dinner with only a drink or coffee between. Additionally I do an hour of water aerobics in the indoor pool at my condo complex. Some days there is an instructor but most of the time I do my own sets based on the sets of the instructor. Our condo is on the third floor (thirty steps) and does not have an elevator. "
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Review 20 for SENSA® Weight Loss System
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:North Bend, WA
Date:April 9, 2012

Reserving full testimonial for 6 months

Pros: easy, does not change the taste of the food, costco pack is a great value!, i don't panic if i forget for one meal, relatively discrete
Cons: i would prefer if the shaker wasn't labeled
Model Number: Month 1 and Month 2
" I am starting week 7, so far my thoughts are it works as advertised. Every 'body' is different so what works for others may not work for you. Week 1 -3.3, Week 2 -0.2, Week 3 +0.9, Week 4 + 1.0, Week 5 -3.4, Week 6 -1.0.
I have 30 lbs to lose so if you do the math I am 17% closer to my goal! I have tried lots of things; Atkins, Weight Watchers (yes lost - both times, but back where I started and then some), Boot Camps -15lbs, but that weight came back on too. exercise - helps me maintain, but doesn't help me loose weight. For me it's about portion control and feeling hungry.
I committed to giving Sensa 6 months, I just ordered month 3 and 4 - I'll let you know how it goes. "
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