Customer Reviews for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD

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VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD

This item may currently be in stock at your local Costco Warehouse for immediate purchase at a cash and carry price.         Bring that intense 3D movie experience home with VIZIO’s 55” Edge Lit Razor LED™LCD HDTV. Winner of Popular Science’s Best of What’s New 2011, Theater 3D™ is advanced, flicker-free 3D that’s better and brighter than conventional 3D. With four free pairs of battery-free 3D glasses, this HDTV puts next-generation 3D well within reach. Featuring Edge Lit Razor LED™ backlighting, 240Hz SPS refresh rate, 10,000,000 to 1 DCR and 1080p Full HD, this superb HDTV displays both 3D and HD content with amazing clarity, color and contrast. And VIZIO makes no compromises when it comes to sound with SRS StudioSound HD™. Also includes VIZIO Internet Apps® and built-in 802.11n WiFi, giving you the convenience of on-demand movies, TV shows, social networking, music, photos, and more—all at the push of a button on the premium Bluetooth® QWERTY remote. *Works in most movie theaters Features: Costco extends manufacturers warranty to 2 years   Screen Size: 55” Class (54.6" diagonal)   Resolution: 1080p Full HD   Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 10,000,000:1   Response Time: 5.5 ms   Full HD 3D   Brilliant Edge Lit Razor LED™ backlighting   VIZIO Internet Apps™ with built-in WiFi   Refresh Rate: 240Hz Enhanced Bluetooth® 2-sided remote with keyboard   Ambient Light Sensing technology   Smart Dimming   Smooth Motion   Energy Star™ 5.3 Qualified    Dimensions (WxHxD): 49.7” x 32.1” x 11.2” (w/stand) 49.7” x 30.5” x 1.5” (w/out stand); Weight: 59.5 lbs (w/stand) 52 lbs (w/out stand)   Includes: 4 pairs of VIZIO 3D glasses   Enhanced Bluetooth® 2-sided remote with keyboard   Audio: Speakers: Built-in 10W x 2 Speakers   SRS TruSurround HD™   SRS TruVolume™   SRS StudioSound HD™ Input/Output: HDMI x4   Component Video x 1   VGA x1   RF Connector for Internal Tuner x1   Analog Audio out (3.5mm) x 1   Optical Digital Audio Out (SPDIF) x 1   Ethernet 1   USB 2.0 x2 Model: M3D550KD
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Customer Reviews for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
Review 1 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Seattle, Wa
Date:October 20, 2012

A review for the masses

Model Number: M3D550KD
" A review for the masses, October 19, 2012
By PlayNice "PlayNice"
This review is from: VIZIO M3D550KD 55-Inch 240Hz Class Theater 3D Edge Lit Razor LED LCD HDTV with VIZIO Internet Apps (Electronics)
The Vizio M3D550KD is an excellent buy and this review will explain to you why. If you are looking for a new TV set for size, 3D, or value make no mistake this is the one for you. The best thing is you do not have to sacrifice quality as well. This review will go over just the video aspects of the TV set as if you are getting this you can get a sound system with the money you saved.
Pros: Let's talk about the good thing this set has to offer.
* Smart Diming = Deep blacks. Many of you may know this is an Edge lit LED set now most edge lit set do not offer this great to have feature. What this does is allows the LED's on a region to turn off and not shine light to offer you more true blacks.
* Color Balance = Life like Picture. After calibration this set will offer you SUPERB colors among the best out of competing sets released this year.
* 3D Passive = ReadD at home. Last year Vizio was the first to market in the USA with a Passive 3D TV set. This is the same technology used in your local 3D theaters (non IMAX 3D) that that give you is an already used and cheaper 3D format. If you would like to obtain more glasses just go a local show and keep the set the theater gives you. Also some may argue you get half the resolution due to the image being filtered out by half for each eye in order to see 3D but science has shown us this is incorrect. If you want to know more about Active VS Passive here is a there is a non-bias test that has been run by the site DisplayMate [...].
* Uniformity = Same quality throughout. You will not notice that this is an Edge lit display it will give you the same great image even in the middle of the screen which is often an issue with other edge lit LED TV's.
* Smart TV = Bye Bye cable TV. This set comes with an app center that has over 150 apps available and they include all the top dogs one of the few to have all these noted NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Vudu and YouTube.
* Value = Money in your pocket for Blu-Rays. This set will save you a lot of money for an amazing TV. With that money I would recommend you get these Blu-Ray Disk as they will show you why you purchased this set. #1 Prometheus 3D this has set the bar of what a 3D movie set should include with great audio and video packed with extras galore #2 Avatar 3D not no.1 due to Prometheus recent outstanding release but it is great none the less, no extras just the movie with this set #3 The Dark Knight this movie is another reason why you own an HDTV with its constant use of IMAX footage to make you say WOW #4 Alien Anthology this is Fox's definitive release of the Alien saga time to test your blacks #5 Life make sure you are smart and get the version narrated by David Attenborough, this will make you take a second look outside and say wow real life doesn't look as good as my TV.
Cons: As always with the good comes the bad.
* Blooming = Light leak. This is a small issue only when the screen is completely black with a logo in the middle of the screen. Think PS3 boot logo. In lemans terms it causes you to see what appears to look sort of like light leak toward the edge of the bezel. This can be a deal breaker for some. However you should think about all the good that came before. Also may be an issue when viewing 4:3 content.
* Long boot times = Are we there yet? This is an outstanding TV set however TV's are not just TV's anymore they are PC's and this PC, I meant TV takes long to boot. About 60-90 seconds however switching inputs is a snap.
* Solid Stand = No turn or tilt. The stand that comes with the set does not move to accommodate seating locations in the room of the primary viewer and others, that said you will have to pick a location to make ever one happy and able to see the set.
* No 10 point grey scale = 2 point will have to do. The lack of 10 point is a con but the 2 point delivers better than some 10 points as mentioned above with the color and uniformity.
All in all this set is deal that is hard to believe. I am a long time HDTV enthusiast and have had all the major HDTV technologies CRT, Plasma, CCFL LCD and now LED LCD. They all have their drawbacks however this one is my current favorite. I have calibrated this set with the Digital Video Essentials HD Calibration disk here are my settings
---Picture settings menu---
Picture Mode: Custom
Backlight: 40
Brightness: 45
Contrast: 56
Color: 58
Tint: 1
Sharpness: 6 or 8 depends
---Size & Position submenu---
[no change]
---Color Temperature submenu---
Colour temperature: Custom
Red Gain: 48
Green Gain: 49
Blue gain: 50
Red offset: 49
Green offset: 48
Blue offset: 50
--Advanced Picture submenu---
Smooth motion effect: High (some like this effect -soap opera- I am trying to force myself to like it so for now its High)
Real Cinema Mode: Smooth
Noise Reduction: Off
Color Enhancement: Off
Adaptive Luma: Off
Film Mode: Auto
Smart Dimming: On
Ambient Light sensor: Off
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Review 2 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:New Jersey
Date:October 16, 2012

How to fix slow channel changes on any TV

Pros: great tv for price and costco doubles the warranty
Model Number: M3D550KD
" I have the Vizio 55" tv for a month now. So far everything is good. The 3D is great with the theater glasses provided. The picture is amazing.
To fix slow channel changes on any TV you must use the component cables instead of HDMI cable from your Cable Box. Yea I know you will say the picture is not as good. Try it. You will not see any difference in picture quality and your channels will change immediately. Use the HDMI ports for Blueray DVD, XBOX etc.
Review 3 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:New Jersey
Date:October 11, 2012

Great TV

Pros: picture quality, easy to set up
Cons: slow when changing channels., slow turning on but they are all lie this now., great tv!!!!
Model Number: M3D550KD
" I've had this TV now for about a month and it is great. The picture quality and clarity is amazing. You could get the weather with a touch of a button or go on youtube or Net Flix. The remote was easy to program and it controls all my devices including the cable box. "
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Review 4 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Orange County, CA
Date:September 22, 2012

Great TV, great price

Model Number: M3D550KD
" Used it for a month now. All my guest said "Wow!" when they saw the display. Picture is clear and smooth. Setting up was very easy. Wireless network connection was flawless. There are plenty of apps. Netflix, Hulu, Youtube... work but slow (that's why only 4 stars). I can control my cable box and blu-ray player (almost anything that connects to the HDMI ports) with the TV remote control. "
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Review 5 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:September 16, 2012

Great TV for the price

Pros: excellent price, excellent picture
Cons: doesn't handle direct sunlight- causes glare-, slow to power up & slow on channel changes
Model Number: VIZIO 55" Class 3D 1080p 240Hz SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD HDTV
" I did my research and brought this TV not expecting much because of the price. I was pretty impressed by the quality and features of this TV, and I would recommend this TV "
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Review 6 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Milford, CT
Date:September 8, 2012

Best TV purchase ever

Pros: the price was excellent picture is great.
Cons: can't think of anything that is not good about it.
Model Number: M3D55OKD
" Had TV for about a month. The picture is so crisp and clear. The 3D is better than the movies. Was a great purchase and you can't
beat the price.
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Review 7 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:los angeles ca
Date:September 7, 2012


" I am very happy with this purchase. picture quality is great. 3D experience is awesome. "
Review 8 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:McKinney, TX
Date:August 22, 2012

Exactly what I wanted and was expecting

Pros: theater 3d (movie theater glasses work!), large picture bright, easy setup, qwerty keyboard remote, wireless n, price and value, netflix
Cons: motion smoothing feature is distracting, sound volume is mysterious, somes app are lacking polish
" My wife and I had taken a pair of 3d glasses from a 3d movie we had watched at the movie theater into our local Costco and we were amazed at the picture and the theater 3d system. For a large family (9), this was just the thing for being able to enjoy 3d movies at home.
We're still learning our TV, however, we did disable the motion smoothing because while it did improve the picture it made all of our shows seem like they were shot with a soap opera camera team.
The picture is great. Bright. Can be seen from all seating angles. And a huge improvement in size and a great price.
Only real complaints would be that some of the apps are lacking polish such as: the login field isn't long enough for our email address on the facebook app, or Rhapsody seems to have trouble connecting, or there doesn't appear to be a capacity to remember username and passwords. However, you can add the amazon video app. Also, the Netflix app is solid, predictable, and works. So, yeah, that's good.
The sound/volume control appears mysterious. We've fiddled with various settings and we seem unable to easily arrive at a sweet spot of proper volume. Sometimes it feels like the TV gets really quiet at max volume and other times it is really loud. It's quite possible this is user error though, but we miss the predictability of the volume control on our older CRT set.
In spite of these issues, it's a 5 star rating, just because of the price, the features, and the value. "
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Review 9 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Staten Island NY
Date:August 18, 2012

Great Purchase

Pros: great price, 3d, excellent picture, internet apps work very well
Cons: no 2d to 3d
" This is a no brainer. 55 inch Led 3D ton of features. Please refer to previous post regarding setting that he used. They improved the picture. "
Review 10 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Morgan Hill, CA
Date:August 15, 2012

Disappointed but kept it

Pros: good picture
Cons: doesn't integrate well with vizio soundbar
Model Number: M3D550KD
" This TV has a great picture but I was disappointed by its inability to integrate with the VIZIO soundbar: Per VIZIO the remote provided with the TV cannot be used to turn on and off the VIZIO sound bar I purchased with the TV. So you need 2 remotes just to turn on the system if it's connected to the companion soundbar.
For this reason, I returned the sound bar. "
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Review 11 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:August 11, 2012

3d olympics is awesome

" We just got this TV on Tuesday. Normally there is not a lot of TV in 3d. But this week, there has been olympic coverage every day in 3d. It is amazing to watch in 3d. Our HD Tivo picks up HD on channel 895 (for cox cable). I like the fact that it uses the light weight polar lenses instead of the battery powered stereoscopic ones that are heavy and produce a choppy image. You can also use the lenses from the movies on this TV. "
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Review 12 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Glendale, AZ
Date:August 7, 2012

Not as good as expected...

Pros: clear crisp picture, great 3d, tons of customizable picture options, very affordable
Cons: very bad blooming
Model Number: M3D550KD
" First, I have to say that I don't typically write reviews unless a product blows my mind. I've probably written about 3 reviews in my 31 years, so these words aren't written hastily.
That being said, after reading all of the great reviews of this TV online, I had very high expectations for this TV. The picture is indeed great, the colors are sharp and vivid (once you dial them in). The one thing that no one on these review sites talks about is the "blooming". It's the white shine from the side lighting, especially noticeable on the corners. I didn't pay attention at first, because I was setting everything up, but now when my wife and I are watching a movie with black bars on the top and bottom, it is impossible to NOT see it and very distracting. This really takes away from the viewing experience and makes the TV feel cheap in my opinion. It's not especially noticeable when watching HD television (we use Dish Network) or when watching a movie that takes up all of the screen.
Additionally, it took quite a long time to figure out why there was lag when using the Xbox. Turning "Game Mode" on helped quite a bit, but there was still lag. As an avid gamer, this drove me insane. I was finally able to determine that the resolution wasn't what it should have been on the Xbox, and that solved the problem.
Overall it is a good TV, but I think I will be taking it back and adding money to get a nicer TV that doesn't have any "blooming". This may be a non issue for some, but for me it was just too much. Oh and for the record, I took one back and exchaned for another, and the blooming was even worse than the first. "
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Review 13 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:July 21, 2012
Pros: best tv ever
" I bought this Vizio 55" LED 240z 1080ip four months ago and I just love it. The picture quality is above expectations. Everyone who enters my home and see the the Vizio cannot believe the subpurb picture. "
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Review 14 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Tacoma WA
Date:July 2, 2012

Great buy,best service

Pros: great tv
Cons: no con
" Best tv I have brought,but the service to recive the tv was the best that I have had the lady made sure that I recvied tv on time "
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Review 15 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Bonita Springs, FL
Date:June 23, 2012

Incredible Value, Incredible TV

Pros: 3d, hd, price, warranty
Cons: none
" After searching for a 55" TV to fit our TV area, hoping for one w/ 3D within budget, we came across this Vizio. All I can say is WOW! Love the 3D, love the HD and LOVED the price. Fast delivery and easy set up! And, of course, you can't go wrong with Costco's add'l warranty on TVs! We have had for one month and could not be happier. Just make sure you have a 3D capable cable box. "
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Review 16 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Orlando, FL
Date:May 27, 2012

Excellent 3D TV - Excellent Value

Pros: 3d is stunning! shutterless glasses are great, hd picture is extremely clear (also stunning), bluetooth remote with qwerty keyboard, tv also responds to ir universal remotes, youtube app has been added!!
Cons: no 2d to 3d conversion, "movie" preset does not disable smooth picture, no internet browser
Model Number: M3D550KD
" I just purchased this television from Costco after watching for its release. I've had it for a week now and love the television with some apprehension. I purchased this television because of its features vs. price and overall I am very happy with the television.
PROS: 3D is Stunning! Shutterless glasses are the way to go. HD Picture is Extremely Clear (Also stunning), Remote has Bluetooth, but TV also has IR so responds to Universal Remote Commands - I didn’t even have to reprogram my Universal Remote , YouTube App has been added!!
CONS: No 2D to 3D (biggest disappointment as all other 3d vendors do this), Applications seem glitchey but I’m still learning, Needs an Internet Browser, “Movie” Preset should also turn off Smooth Picture because it makes all movies look like cheap TV soap operas (common to all HDTVs). Can’t stream content from a PC, and USB ports do not support USB Hard Drive Media, only Zip Drive Media. I’m having trouble with fat fingers using the pull out QWERTY keyboard but may get used to it.
3D was a big feature for me; I don’t understand folks that review a 3D television but say they really didn’t buy it for the 3D. I did. The 3D is in one word STUNNING! I have been floored by the 3D capabilities where some programming literally fills the room overflowing the physical size of the screen. The 3D is very clear and smooth. We see some “ghosting” when in some 3D content, but for us it is because our TV not placed at “Eye level” as it is on a shelf above our fireplace so too high. If I see 3D ghosting and stand up, the 3D picture is perfect. 3D even looks good from the side of the set. One of the first 3D content that I watched was our cable tv provider’s free 41 minute 3D feature called “African Adventures.” The opening shows an animated Earth that zooms out and then using 3D effects to project the earth into the center of the room right into your face, similar to 3D effects you may have seen at a theme park. Another part that blew me away was a scene with baby elephants and their ears protruded over the edge of the television literally making the 55 inch screen appear so much larger. 3D Games are also cool.
3D content is limited, but as VUDU has just added 3d, I believe other streaming providers will begin adding 3D content. There are already many YouTube videos with excellent 3D content (streamed in “Side-By- Side” mode). My son downloaded some 3D content (in side by side mode) that he streamed to the TV via Apple TV and that worked great.
And of course using the shutterless 3D glasses is a plus all the way around including that we had six pairs of glasses from the local cinema that work perfectly with this set.
On the negative side, Vizio is one of the only (that I found) vendors that does not have 2D to 3D conversion built into their set. With 3D content limited this would be a feature that I would have wanted to play with. I may purchase an external device that does this on the HDMI interface… still less than the price differential between this set and the ones that have this feature included.
I’m using my old “fat” Playstation 3 for a 3D Blueray player and it is working well. We’ve watched two Blueray 3D movies and both looked and sounded great.
3D Gaming
I love playing “Major League Baseball –The Show” on the PS3, and this game just happens to support 3d (Since MLB11 the Show), and playing in 3D really enhances the game. I was skeptical that 3D would be anything more than a frivolous effect, but it really enhances the game experience where 3D helps you see and judge the pitches as the batter. We also already had Call of Duty Black Ops which also supports 3D and that game has some stunning 3D effects in it too.
Watching Movies
The first thing you notice when you watch a movie on the TV (from ANY source), is that there is something wrong. It looks funny, and you WILL notice it. Note before you read on, know that you can adjust the picture so that it looks “normal,” but out of the box, including in Vizio’s “Movie” preset (which does nothing to address this), you will find ALL movies look funny on your new TV. You MAY like it, but many find it troubling. What is “it?” It is that your TV is VERY high definition and has a super fast refresh rate of 240 Hz. So how is that a problem…. Isn’t that why we bought an HDTV in the first place? Yes but you will notice movies look funny, more like cheaply made television video camera shot soap operas rather than movies made on film. We put on the Star Wars Blue Ray and it was very funny looking. Back to the Future too. I mean ROFL funny. The actors looked like they were on a live tv show very bright and very clear, but not at all like a movie film. There is way to turn off the 240 hz fast refresh (Picture Advanced Options) and when off, movies will look like we are used to on our TVs. I wish Vizio would save this option in their picture presets so that “Movie” preset actually did something rather than just change some brightness and contrast settings. How about it Vizio?
I have not played a lot with these applications, primarily because we have Apple TV attached and are used to watching NetFlix and You Tube Videos on that, but I did play a bit with the Vizio applications and not too impressed yet. I’m thrilled that they added YouTube, I know that is new for Vizo and did not notice it the first time through the loaded apps (you can download many more than what is preloaded), but went back through them and found the YouTube app and started playing with it. The first couple of videos that I selected appeared to get stuck in the streaming function without ever finishing so it would start and stop over and over. I think Vizio needs to tweak this app and should force it to buffer 10 seconds of video before trying to play it… this is what the Apple TV appears to do and YouTube works much better. You can also control the YouTube (or other app) stream from the transport controls on the top of the Vizio remote so you can manually pause the stream while it buffers and then play it smoothly. It also appeared that Vizio’s YouTube app limited the number of videos returned on each search. Vizio aslo has to add a Web Browser to this television too.
So in summary I love my Vizio 3D HDTV. For the price and performance it cannot be beat. There are some areas that should be improved, but it is a great HDTV and a great 3D television. I would definitely recommend this television to friends and family and those that have watched 3D on this television will want one. "
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Review 17 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p SPS™ LED Edge Lit LCD 3D HDTV M3D550KD
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Anchorage, Alaska
Date:May 25, 2012


Pros: quality price picture
Cons: none yet
Model Number: M3D550KD
" I just purchased this at Costco May 24th. Setting up was fast. Got a Panasonic 3D Blue way player at the same time. Played Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D. WOW! Fantastic effects, image, color!
First impression of TV is extremely Satisfied.
I will put in another review after I have used the TV for a few months.
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