Customer Reviews for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum

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Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum

Robotic vacuums are not to be used as a primary vacuum. They're meant as supplemental cleaning between regular vacuuming. Push a button, not a vacuum. Let Neato clean every inch of your floors, smartly seeing and avoiding furniture. It’s smart. The RPS, Room Positioning System, Neato’s laser-guided proprietary technology makes Neato as smart as – sometimes smarter than – a human housekeeper. It sees 360 degrees, maps out your room, and then methodically vacuums using its precise back-and-forth motion. It carefully cleans around furniture, obstacles and stairs. It’s powerful. Dust. Dirt. Pet hair. Bring it on. The high-performance vacuum inside your robot picks up all of your dirt, debris, and even tough pet hair and easily slides under sofas, tables, and beds. It works on all floor types -- carpet, rugs, hardwood, and tile. Just charge it up, press the Start button, and watch it work. Once it’s finished in one room, it will begin working in the next – or returns automatically to its base for recharging and then resumes cleaning where it left off. Schedule everyday cleaning with a few simple button presses and your house is always ready for guests, even when you’ve been out all day. Your Future Is Neat™ Added Value Accessories: 3 - replacement filters 6 - replacement brush blades 1 - replacement squeegee blade Includes: Neato XV-14 vacuum robot Charging base Power supply Boundary marker Filters – total of 4 User Guide Quick Start Card Features: Control Center: Simply program in your desired schedule.  It will clean daily, weekly or as often as you want. One-Button Operation: Just press the start button to begin or stop the cleaning process. Status Light: When the light is green it’s ready to go to work. If the light is amber, it may require additional charging or simple attention. Dirt Bin:  It’s easy to empty and clean. Home Charging Base: Store your robot at its base, so it will always be charged up and ready to clean. Boundary Markers: Keep your XV-14 cleaning only those areas you want it to clean. If you have lots of cables beneath your desk or a room you just don’t want the Neato XV-14 to clean, just put out the boundary markers, press start and the Neato will clean everywhere but those areas you designated as off-limits. Low profile allows cleaning under furniture. Always vacuums in straight lines. Cleans carefully around obstacles. Automatic doorway recognition assures that it completely cleans one room before moving on to the next. UL listed. Dimensions: 13” W x 12.5” L x 4” H Weight: 13 lbs. 1 year limited warranty. Designed in the USA, manufactured in China. For further product related questions, please contact Neato Robotics, Inc. Via email at Or call 1-877-296-3286 Model: XV-14
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Customer Reviews for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
Review 1 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Carlsbad, CA
Date:February 17, 2013

Best Christmas Present We've Gotten

Pros: keeps our floors looking great!
Cons: we should've gotten one sooner than this
Model Number: XV-14
" Superb little household tool. We have laminate floors with occasional throw rugs, one bulldog (short hairs that stick to everything), one cat, and two adult sons who think nothing of buttering their toast while holding it over the floor rather than over a plate. In short, I was sweeping all the time and it just wasn't enough. Now I just hit the baseboards with a hand vaccuum once a week, empty the vacuum filter daily, and I'm done. I love it! Our floors never looked so great.
We've set the Neato to run at 10:30 am daily, and every morning just do a quick check to make sure clutter is removed from the floor. Our little Neato takes two trips with one break to do our downstairs -- three trips if we leave our eight dining chairs on the floor rather than perched on the table.
So far we've had no serious issues at all and after using it daily since Christmas 2012, have declared it to be best Christmas present we've gotten ourselves in the last couple of years. It's one of those items you'll soon realize you can't live without.
The few issues we had, and how we resolved them:
When we first unwrapped it, the instructions on the top of the Neato said, "Please turn me over and follow the simple instructions to connect my battery. However there are no instructions about connecting the battery other than what the manual describes, by connecting it with the charging dock. So we connected it to the dock and charged it all night. Then when I tried to start it, I got an LED message saying "Please press OKAY button to restart. Battery issue (0008)"
I searched online for a solution but found nada. I wrote to Neato customer service and got this response: "That error is caused by some type of unsecure connection with the batteries. If you flip the robot over, there are two square panels that are screwed into the robot next to the brush. Inside each of these panels is a battery. You will need to unscrew the panel, disconnect, and then reconnect the batteries. Once you do this for both battery compartments, the error should be cleared."
So I turned the unit over, unscrewed the panels and found two wires for each battery, but only one wire for each was connected. I made sure the connections were seated properly and charged it about 5 hours and then set it loose. Worked great after that.
The second issue was when the Neato hit a throw rug that had loose yarns pulled out by our cat. These occasional pulled-out yarns were about 2 inches long at the most, but the Neato kept trying to grab them and finally gave up, saying that its brush needed adjusting or whatever--I can't remember now. We trimmed the pulled yarns (we should've done it a long time ago) and the Neato took over just fine after that.
The third issue has to do with one of those power outlet strips. I'm guessing some of them can throw out some electrical waves that can confuse the Neato because my son brought one down to plug his musical equipment into it and the Neato kept trying to dock with the surge protector rather than its true dock, which was about 10 feet away. Putting the surge protector out of the Neato's reach resolved that problem.
Oh, and once it got into our powder room and inadvertently closed the door as it vacuumed behind it. When I came home I heard it beeping forlornly and rescued it. It needed a little nap at the dock to get over the incident, then finished vacuuming as usual.
It gets along fine with the dog and cat, too. Once the dog lay right down in front of it and took one of his instant snoozes. The Neato halted, remeasured, then carefully vacuumed around the dog -- didn't even wake him up. Good job, Neato. "
Review 2 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Maryville, TN
Date:January 28, 2013

Great little helper!!!

Pros: very well designed
Cons: none -just empty dirt bin & replace filter often
Model Number: Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic
" First of all I’m very practical and never in my life did I think I would ever buy a robotic vacuum.
However, knowing this big box store has a wonderful reputation for no hassle returns I picked one up to give it a try. It is a very capable and remarkable machine. It is all it states on it’s box. And most important to me it had a toll free number with customer service people in America! It really does a fine job period. The only thing I will say (and it’s only the constraint of the beast) is that it’s very important to empty the dirt bin and replace the filter every time it goes back to recharge. I have an air compressor and I blow only across the input (dirty) side staying parallel to the filter to make sure and clean it as well a possible. My unit came with 3 extra filters so it is easy to swap them out while it’s still on the job. What I found works well is to have a plastic grocery bag handy to empty the old dirty filter along with the dirt. I collect them all in one bag. Then after it’s finished I just blow all the filters off outside with my air hose. I would highly caution however when you blow off the filter be very careful because you do not want to blow a hole in them. Again I only blow parallel with the dirty filter side so I will not blow a hole through or damage them. I just collect the dirty ones and empty the chamber (grime & dirty filters) every time it recharges. It does take Neato a while to do its job because of its size and speed naturally. My home is about 1800 square feet on the top floor with a fully finished walk out basement. I set Neato lose in my 7 room top floor with hardwood, carpet, tile & large area rug ( 9X12) and it preformed flawlessly!!. The carpets look like they were professionally done. I would suggest removing any small rugs like bath or similar because it will push them around sometimes and might not get the complete room edge. I can tell you I was so impressed I bought another for both floors. Obviously - don’t expect this little guy to do the hard work of a large vacuum especially if you have a pet but it is terrific for all the small dirt on a once a week basis in my opinion. Just make sure and empty the dirt bin, clean the filter the best you can (for me my compressed air works super), and enjoy it doing its job! All the functions are very easy to read on its display and again they did a fantastic job with this machine. I highly recommend this vacuum for what it can do – if you like a nice clean floor. It is very easy to use and understand
Review 3 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:June 7, 2012

Neato XV-14

Pros: fast and low maintenance
Model Number: Neato XV-14
" After struggling for four years with several Roomba 550’s (not spelled 'Rumba') I am happy to report that this Neato XV-14 is far superior to my past Roomba 550's. The brush deck of the Roomba has a tendency to fail if animal hair gets into the gear box – and I have replaced six brush decks over the years.
Each time the Roomba 550 vacuumed it HAD to be cleaned - empty the bin, remove the side brush to remove animal hair, remove brush and beater from the brush deck and remove animal hair from the brush, the beater, the brush and beater ends as well as under brush bushings and every month or two, disassemble brush deck to remove animal hair from gear box.
The Neato just needs the bin dumped. I keep checking the beater bar and it’s just fine. Low maintenance is very appreciated.
As for doing the job of vacuuming: It's great. It really does a good job of mapping the room and vacuuming everywhere. No more incessant loud banging into the legs of my furniture. It's quite delicate, and quicker than the Roomba.
I have to admit that the Neato does NOT have a side brush, so there will be an occasional need to maintain the very edge of a room - score one for the Roomba. Overall, though, it truly is a set and forget vacuum.
We had to close off one bathroom to the Roomba as it occasionally would get stuck on the base of the toilet in this particular bathroom (it's a 1911 toilet that actually WORKS and, as such, has a odd base - 101 years old and still working perfectly). The Neato just does not run into anything as its sensors are far superior and never has issues with this toilet.
The Roomba also would get caught in a corner of our kitchen - between the refrigerator door and the range, we always moved a football sized rock (used as a door stop) into this corner to prevent the Roomba from getting stuck here. Again, the Neato has no issues in this area. No more moving a 30 pound rock every time we vacuum.
The Neato handles the short tassels of one 5’ x 8’ rug on our main level just fine. Upstairs we have a 8’ x 10’ Persian rug with 3" tassels and the Neato gets stuck on these tassels - we just fold them under and the Neato rides right over the rug edge. The Roomba did not have a problem with tassels.
I am 100% happy with this vacuum, especially the ease of maintenance.
Thank you Costco for offering the Neato XV-14 to your membership! "
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Review 4 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Kailua-kona, Hawaii
Date:July 13, 2012

Whatta Great Discovery!! (So long, dog hair!)

Pros: solid appliance
Cons: a bit expensive...but cheaper than a housekeeper!
Model Number: XV-14
" I did not know that this product existed before i saw it here on the Costco website!
I had originally planned to buy a Roomba to deal with the constant shedding from my dog. Right after I vacuumed the hair began to collect and vacuuming every other day was necessary. If I didn't vacuum for three days it was gross. If I got busy and didn't vacuum for 4 days or more it was disgusting and I hoped no one would stop by unexpectedly. My house is now vacuumed daily without fail and the difference is amazing.
My Neato is scheduled to begin vacuuming the house an hour before I get home. I did expect it to pick up the dog hair but I honestly did not expect it to do such a great job on dust and any other particles that blew in through the windows. It is a true vacuum with great suction. The dust container is full of dog hair daily and any fine dust that has blown in. The result is that my house is cleaner in general - not just the floors - as all of the gunk is vacuumed up daily. It's really nice to come home, see shiny floors and not have anything stick to my bare feet!
The construction of the Neato is's a solid appliance. The beater bar never clogs with hair but it will stop itself in its tracks and signal you to unclog its' brush if if something (in my case usually a sock or the cord from my bathrobe) wraps around the beater bar. Pull it out and it resumes cleaning from that spot.
It doesn't randomly sweep around the vacuums in very methodical patterns, around the legs of tables and chairs, under the sofa, around the waste basket and then back and forth around the center of the room in slightly overlapping rows so it doesn't miss a spot.
It goes from my hardwood floors onto area rugs (with high pile!) and vacuums those as well. If it can't get onto the rug, it backs up and hits it from another angle to jump up onto to it. Really great software programing to do that!
It's noisy like a vacuum accompanied by a flapping noise and the sound of the wheels. The flapping noise comes from the beater bar which has 4 or 5 thin silicone flaps (they resemble very thin windshield wiper blades) instead of brushes. I suppose these clean hardwood surfaces better than brushes.
This is a purchase you won't regret. Get it! "
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Review 5 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Cape Cod, MA
Date:September 11, 2012

Fascinating Machine

Pros: house much cleaner, so far it is dependable
Cons: pretty loud, some dirt is not completely removed, brush roller costs 60 bucks
" Our Neato is about a month old. We have noticed that the house is considerably cleaner than before our purchase.
We use the vacuum twice per week now, but in the beginning more frequently. It helps to really prep the space to be cleaned so that the machine has full access to as much floor as possible. This means clearing the decks by putting as many objects as possible up off the floor or out of the cleaning area.
Servicing the machine is simple and clean; the dirt receptacle and the roller brush come out with ease to keep the works free from accumulated dirt.
All is not rosy, however. The machine will gather lint and cat hair beneath itself. These rub loose when it climbs onto or off of a rug. The vacuum seems not to be strong enough to draw this lint into the dirt box. That being said, lots of dirt is indeed collected and removed every time it operates.
The mapping/navigation system is really amazing; the device seems to do all that the maker claims, including covering a given area until it has all been cleaned. After some use we have noticed that the thing acts like it is not "seeing" everything that it originally did, and it seems to dither as if finding its way. Not sure if this is due to dirt on the laser sensors or something else. There is no obvious way to clean that part of the machine, and it has not been enough of a problem that I called for assistance.
Most of the time the machine will see that it is low on battery and return to its base to recharge. It does the same when it is finished with cleaning. A couple of times it has parked near the charger, but not in contact with it, and we're not sure why that occurs.
On the whole this has been a good purchase; we can set it out to clean while we leave the house or work in the garden or watch a movie. Access to hidden areas, especially under beds, makes for a much cleaner place to live.
Less than the whole house can be done by taking it to a given room and shutting the door. It will complete the job, shut down and beep to let you know it's done. In this case it stops where it started, and not back at the charger.
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Review 6 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Temecula, CA
Date:January 28, 2013

Still deciding

Pros: behaves like a true robotic vacuum, multiple cleaning cycles, does not hit furniture, customer support seems great
Cons: worked 30 days before breaking, no extended warranty available
Model Number: XV-14
" We originally bought a Roomba at Costco but I was less than impressed with its limitations I observed. First it works like a billiard ball on a pool table in that it just bounces off a wall and heads a new direction. I wasn’t too thrilled by the force it hits the baseboards since I spent a lot of time and money upgrading and painting them.
Many times it would spend a long time in our formal dining room and I was wondering if it was ever going to exit, then finally it exits, bounces off the opposite wall and then goes right back into the dining room! Well the problem with this is that the Roomba will only make one cleaning pass and when it returns to the base to charge it just stays there. So the amount of time it seemed to have spent ‘lost’ in our dining room was time subtracted to what cleaning time it had left.
So we returned it to Costco and bought a Neato. Here is a true robot but with issues. What we liked is that it does not bounce off of anything and when it needs to charge it always returned to the base and when the charged completed it would continued the cleaning cycle. As someone mentioned it seems to be limited to 3 cycles so in some instances will miss an area.
It did a good job of cleaning and we were always amazed at the amount of dog hair in the dust bin. This also means that you cannot turn it on and leave as the dustbin fills quickly and if not emptied will become clogged. Overall we are very pleased with its cleaning ability.
After a little over a month I found our Neato sitting near a chair with a message that the right front wheel was stuck. After calling Neato they said this was a motor problem and would send us a new replacement. This is all good and great but this also seems to be a common problem so now I am wondering how reliable this product will be?
I know Costco has a great return policy but it would be nice if an extended warranty was available such as they have on their TV’s.
Review 7 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Honolulu, Hawaii
Date:August 7, 2012

Neato Robots are smart

Pros: smart intelligent vacuuming, recharges itself automatically, you can set a cleaning schedule, excellent suction for a vacuum robot
Cons: edge cleaning could be better
Model Number: XV-14
" FINALLY a cleaning vacuum robot that WORKS! This cleaning robot is SMART!. It uses logic to systematically clean your room(s), and if its battery is low and it hasnt finished cleaning all your rooms, it returns to the charging dock to recharge, then continues its cleaning. You can schedule when you want it to clean. Unlike a Roomba, which randomly moves around your room, the Neato first maps out your room layouts, (it cleans the perimeter of your rooms, then it goes back and cleans the "insides" of your rooms. Its even fun to watch it the first time it does this.) I had to make sure I dont have stuff on the floor that will cause problems for this robot. Some things confuse the robot, so I just figured out how to readjust things so the robot doesnt get confused. After a week of adjustments my Neato now runs without problem and hardly ever gets confused. I found that unlike a Roomba, the Neato doesnt get "stuck" under furniture like a Roomba. I believe this is due to the design of the wheels that drive the Neato. It has Two large wheels that have the ability to "back out" of a situation where it may get stuck underneat a low piece of furniture. This is hard to describe but when you see the Neato in action you will see what I mean. The Roomba always would get stuck under low furniture and would not be able to get out of its stuck situation.The only thing it doesnt do very well is clean very close to the walls. I find I still have to get my hand vacuum to do a quick cleaning right up against the walls, but this is not a big deal for me since even my regular sized vacuum doesnt do a very good job of edge cleaning. If you want a cleaning robot to help you with your vacuuming, then this is the one to get. If you ever used a Roomba then you will appreciate the excellent design of the Neato that makes it a much better vacuum then a Roomba. I liked it so much I got a second one for my Parents. "
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Review 8 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:February 18, 2013

Going back in the box

Pros: slam tech pretty interesting but clumsy and slow, has a cool factor as it acts like space ship, seems suction is powerful but is one pass enuf???
Cons: misses edges of room entirely:( neato is shy..., has no side brush like roomba, misses corners almost time!?!?!?!?, taller than roomba cannot go under as many things, odd shape wedges itself in tight spots, uglllllllllllllly patterns in my carpet, misses cleaning close to chair legs no side brush, no self adjust main brush, one rotating brush only, user interface less simple than roomba
Model Number: Neato xv-11
" I'm a robot junky and have to at least try all that's out there. Been using my roomba 550's for two years now very satisfied, but really wanted to at least give Neato a try. well, I appreciate my roombas much more now. Neato is way louder, and sluggish. It does sections of a room at a time, makes horrible looking stripe patterns in my carpet, finishes a section, then figures out a different section to work on. It's not as efficient as they claim, and only does one pass! Even I would do more than one pass. Roomba is way more thorough at cleaning, roomba has a more fluid algorithm, roomba thinks on the fly or a true artifial intelligence behavior vs neato which seems to memorize sections. taller than roomba so it cannot go under as many things, neato has no Side brush and likes to avoid edges of room entirely! Very frustrating. Neatos odd shape gets it stuck often and it gets wedged in tight places. My favorite fail is neatos inability to do corners! They brag about the shape being better for corners lol. Neato rotates prematurely at each corner causing it to miss corners every time! fit and finish feels cheap, especially the docking station wow. and I'm afraid of potentially trouble shooting neato, idk yet as I have not completely dissected it yet. aesthetically not that pleasing, and yes I know this is a subjective statement. Was fun to try, I'm sticking with my Roomba's as it's a more serious cleaning robot. In fact, it's fun to watch roomba erase neatos stripe patterns on my carpet with roomba's wavy artsy patterns, much more pleasing to the eye....there's even roomba art!!! This is why there's no neato art I guess. As reference, I own: this xv-11 (1 week) 4 roomba 550's (2 years) 1 roomba 790 (3 months) "
Review 9 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Seattle, WA
Date:June 20, 2012

Neato is well named

Pros: works well, scheduled cleaning
Cons: doesn't transition flooring well, gets lost on occasion
" I've had Neato for about a month now and truly love it. I don't know how I ever managed with vacuuming just once a week. It manages remarkably well around furniture, even between dining room chairs! My only mild complaint is that it doesn't do well transitioning from hardwoods up onto rugs. It seems to deposit a bit of hair/fuzz on the rug edge, and as the days go by this starts to build up. (however I do have 2 dogs who are shedding like mad currently) Mostly it drops little wads of fuzz on the edge, which are easily picked up. So occassionally I have to bust out the actual vacuum to touch up the edges. But altogether, its fantastic to come home to a freshly vacuumed house each day. And not just the house, but under furniture and in closets etc is such a treat! It does occasionally glitch out for no apparently reason and say its unable to navigate, but again, this is hardly a deal breaker, especially since I have it set to clean daily. I just put it back on its charger and let it try again the next day. The amount of dirt in the bin each day is shocking. It does have to be emptied each day, but only because its doing such a great job and picking up so much. As one reviewer mentioned, it does have to be on its charger at all times, if it loses its charge completely, it's clock will clear out, and will not clean on its schedule until you reset the clock. The minor complaints are the reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars. If you have one floor type, or not very thick rugs, I'd give this a 5 star rating. Overall, considering the amount of dog hair in my house, I think it does a fantastic job, and was worth every cent. "
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Review 10 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:San Francisco, CA
Date:October 2, 2012

Works great if area is Neato ready

Pros: methodically cleans, upgrade kit (available on other online stores!), doesn't bang into objects hard., can see where it is going and avoids scuffing, large top loading waste receptacle. easy to empty, easy to setup schedule
Cons: should come with the components in the upgrade kit, ugly but grows on you, on the loud side especially on hardwood floors..., ...without upgrade kit, gets lost easily if it gets stuck., wish it was .5 inches shorter to fit under my sofa
Model Number: Neato XV-14
" I bought this at my local Costco. The first thing I did was make sure the firmware was the most recent since I read on other sites that the newest update resolves previous tracking problems. Yes, my Neato got confused and couldn't find the base to recharge until I rearranged some obstacles in the house that it would get stuck on/in. Once this was taken care of the Neato works wonders. Far better than my older Roomba 550. It works in a very methodical way. Also, I HIGHLY recommend the upgrade kit I bought on an other site. The upgrade brushes and hepa filters are MUCH quieter and the Neato picked up tons more dirt and cat hair I had in my carpets than with the regular components. The upgrade price is a ripoff but, brings the Neato to a whole new level of cleaning. My roommate is happier that is is quieter now on the area where we have hardwood floors. I did note that it doesn't bang into things like my Roomba does but, the roomba's side brush gets into corners better. I still use my roomba once a week to keep the house extra clean. The Neato is my pick for best robot vacuum. Oh, my house has a confusing layout and the Neato cleans each area separately and still finds its way back to the base now. I read it can detect doorways so it cleans one room or area and then moves on to the next area. If it needs to recharge before it finishes, it goes back to its recharging base, recharges and then goes back to where it left off and finishes up!! A very happy customer in San Francisco. "
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Review 11 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Gilbert, AZ
Date:June 22, 2012

Good little vacuum

Pros: gets house clean
Cons: cost, a bit temperamental and sometimes gets stuck
Model Number: XV-14
" Unit was louder than I expected. At first I wasn't sold on this little guy and almost returned it, but I figured I'd give it a couple of weeks before making a rushed return. Glad I did because now I'm a believer. We recently replaced all our carpet with hardwood to help improve our interior air quality. We have a small dog who seems to like to bring the outside inside, so we have to sweep daily. Now I just set up the timer and have this gem do it for us! You will want to clean out the dust trap daily as it really picks up a lot of stuff throughout the day.
When starting, this guy maps out the entire room then proceeds to clean the perimeter before starting on it's back and forth pattern. It does one room at a time then moves on to the next available area. I'm amazed by it's accuracy in covering the entire 1st floor of the house (usually on one charge) and it is able to return to the charging base when done or if it needs juice.
It does not do well with small throw rugs. Keeps getting stuck as it pushes rather than goes over them. Our solution was to tape the rugs down with those floor skid pads. This seems to have done the trick and works more often than naught.
I like knowing the house will get clean whether we're home or not. Seems to be a sturdy little robot, but glad to have Costco back it in case we ever run into a problem as it's not inexpensive. "
Review 12 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Southern California
Date:February 23, 2013

Had it for a year now

Model Number: neato xv-14
" Overall I really like the product. I have a german shepherd that spends most her time outside, but comes in at night or when it is hot or cold out, which isn't too often, but just her walk from her bed to the backyard leaves an unsightly trail of dog hair and the neato vac cleans it up really well. I bought my neat vac a year ago and so far I am quite pleased. My husband and I watched it vacuum the first night and saw that it went under out coffee table, between the legs of chairs and tables, and even climbed up the 1/4 inch or so onto the rugs we have. It is a bit loud, but vacuum isn't. We have an oreck stand vac and a dyson hand vac, so we've spent money on vacuums and this one is the most worth it. It takes a little longer to vacuum than if I was to do it myself and now that we've had it a year I notice that the charge doesn't hold as long and it recharges in the middle of cleaning my downstairs. I only use it downstairs and I leave all the doors open and it does all 1500sq ft down there, to include closets, laundry room, bathrooms, etc. The neato vac is easy to clean, empty and operate. I do spend a few minutes before it runs making sure all little things are picked up off the floor. I use my neato almost nightly and so far have not had to use filter, but I do clean my well. My neato vac has not damaged any furniture or item thus far. "
Review 13 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Central Coast, California
Date:September 4, 2012

Really Picks Up the Dirt

Pros: picks up a lot of dirt and cat hair, continues cleaning after recharging, let's me do other things while it vacuums
Cons: loud, sometimes gets confused, needs some "babysitting", doesn't really get into the edges
Model Number: XV-14
" I had purchased a Roomba several years ago and returned it when I decided that it was just as easy to vacuum myself.
We recently had new bamboo floors installed throughout our house, except for the bedrooms, where we got new carpet so I decided to see if the Roomba had been improved.
When I checked out the Costco Web site, I also came across the Neato, did some research on it, then decided to try it, instead of another Roomba.
At first, I wasn't sure if the Neato was an improvement, but after it had cleaned my house several times, I found that it had "learned" the layout and was very efficient. I also learned that I had to use the magnetic strips to keep it out of areas where it got confused.
I run it several times a week and am amazed at the amount of dirt and cat hair that it picks up. My house has an open floor plan so Mr. Neato doesn't necessarily finish cleaning one room before "he" goes to another; however, he does eventually clean the entire room.
If I want to clean one room, I use magnetics strips or put Mr. Neato in the room with the door closed. I also use the Spot Clean feature for picking up dirt in a small area.
Even though I sometimes have to babysit him, I have decided that I'd much rather have Mr. Neato do the vacuuming so I can do other things. "
Review 14 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:November 28, 2012

Neato cleans well but broke in short time

Pros: cleans in logical manner, cleans well, costco stands behind their products
Cons: poor quality, poor durability, poor customer support
Model Number: XV-14
" Our Neato cleaned well for about 6 months. Did not like the boundry markers and it seems to get stuck often but it does a good job with our pet hair. Around 6 months or a little befor it started acting odd. We checked the web site and updated the software. When we did update it killed the vacuum. Called Neato and were told to send in vacuum and they would send a new one to us. We sent back the vacuum and received another. We put the vacuum into service and within 3 weeks it started making a loud noise as the right wheel moved backwards. A week or so later it quit picking up dirt. We chould hear the beater bar going and it would move around but it quit sucking. While trying to diagnose the issue I found the new vacuum we had received was a refurbished vacuum. I called Neato and was told the refurbished vacuum only had a 30 day warranty and I could buy another refurbished unit, buy a new vacuum, or find someone local to repair it. We opted for a new vacuum. We tried a Roomba and did not like it. We purchased another Neato via mail order and when it arrived it was dead out of the box. Costco is sending another. Glad I bought from Costco as they are standing behind vacuum. In hindsight I should have returned vacuum to Costco and obtained another NEW vacuum. "
Review 15 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Denver, CO
Date:July 6, 2012

Will Change Your Life!

Pros: ability to get around chairs, floors are clean, as fun for the kids as a new pet
Cons: noisy
Model Number: XV-14
" I violated the first law of anniversary gifts -- never buy your wife a gift that requires a plug or battery -- when I ordered this automatic vacuum. Eyebrows were raised, and we both were highly skeptical that it would work.
When Neato took off after his (the kids have decided he's a boy) first charge, I couldn't believe that I was watching a robot what was designed well enough to navigate around chairs, rugs, shoes, etc., across hardwood and carpet, that could avoid staircases, and also actually clean the floor. Skip hiring a maid, this vacuum works as well as anything a human can do (except for super tight spaces and staircases).
We used to vacuum once every week or two, usually when the crumbs from kids crunched under my feet. Now we put Neato to work as we walk out the door for an errand, and when we come back the floors are done. The battery lasts roughly for three large rooms. Neato's biggest fan is now my wife, who may be turning into a habitual vacuumer - she now runs him every two to three days.
If you have kids or pets and would like to feel like your life is just a little bit civilized, Neato is the closest thing in real life I have met to Harry Potter's House Elf. "
Review 16 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Houston, TX
Date:October 24, 2012

Ok, If you've never had a Roomba

Cons: no side brush, afraid of edges, short vacuum cycle
" We got the Neato because our Roomba died after ~6 months of use. We purchased both through Costco, because these robotic vacuum cleaners are known for their very short life-spans, but once you get one, you'll never look at vacuuming the same way again. After the Roomba we were hooked with the ease it took to clean up after our two dogs. Since there were no Roombas listed at the time ours died, we went with the Neato. Let's just say it was a let down. The Neato has no side brush, which is critical for cleaning anywhere a wall meets the floor or a chair/table leg meets the floor. The Neato doesn't like edges, missing portions of your floor you'd like cleaned. The Neato doesn't seem to clean the room as long as the Roomba, maybe 20 minutes in a room versus 45 minutes with the Roomba, leaving more to be cleaned on a subsequent cycle. When the Neato is finished with its cycle, it stops vacuuming and just motors on over to its charging station whereas the Roomba continues to vacuum when returning to its base. Overall, if you've never had a Roomba, it still does a decent job, but if you're looking for a superior product, the Roomba is what you should invest in. "
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Review 17 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:November 14, 2012

Would Not Recommend

Model Number: XV-14
" Agreed with the previous review. My Neato lasted exactly two weeks before I got "the right wheel stuck, please clean out the debris" message. I'm an engineer so I took some of it apart. There's nothing stuck. It will be returned for a Roomba.
When it did work the Neato did a decent job cleaning my open floorplan hardwood floors, but it has too many issues to deal with.
- It gets stuck on rather simple things that I'm almost certain a Roomba would not have, making it seem not very smart. (I am a previous Roomba owner.) It always gets stuck going over the base of 3 rather flat doomed barstools bases.
- It is very loud compared to a Roomba.
- It misses edges.
- Doesn't seem to spot clean highly dirty areas.
- Coming home, I often found Neato not at its home base so I know it didn't do a full clean.
- I don't like the boundary "markers" - which just consists of a strip of dark brown, ugly plastic that you lay on the ground. I rather have the virtual walls that the Roomba comes with.
Good points... Its easy to empty out the dustbin. Does a surprisingly good job with long hair - didn't have to clean out the brush area.
I will be going back with the Roomba. "
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Review 18 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:February 11, 2013

Pretty good

Pros: cleans fast, doesn't bang into everything like roomba
Cons: have to run a broom along edges first
Model Number: xv-14
" We've had ours for 2.5 months now and are very happy with it. Due to having a 4 year old we don't use the scheduling feature as it would be too much work to pick up all the odds and ends left around the house. We generally use it to clean our kitchen floor and bedroom/bath floor while at home. Yes it doesn't get dirt on the edges so I run a broom around the edge first. But the fact I can set it loose in the kitchen at night after dinner while giving our child a bath and it's done before the bath is over is a great help. For those complaining about the noise on hard floors there is a pet upgrade kit for $55 with a thicker purple filter and different beater brush that supposedly is a lot quieter. Personally the stock brush and filter is still a lot quieter than a regular vacuum and it doesn't bother me. It's definitely too loud to be running on hard floors at night while you sleep though. Occasionally I'll pick up things and have it run during the day while at work. I haven't seen too many things make it get stuck. Run it the first time while at home watching it and you can quickly find what if anything will be a problem for it. "
Review 19 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Portland, OR
Date:April 3, 2014

Would not purchase again

Model Number: Neato XV-14 robotic vacuum
" I purchsed a Neato XV-14 robotic vacuum in May of 2012. It worked great until the display stopped working about 18 months after it was purchased. At that time the Neato Robotics online help was consulted and an email was sent. There was no response to the email and the online help provided some tips to regain function to the screen. None of these tips worked. However, even though the display did not work, the vacuum still turned on when the start button was pushed. For the next six months the vacuum was utilized by using the start button only. Two weeks ago, and less than 2 years after purchase, the vacuum completely stopped working. The unit still charges but it is impossible to troubleshoot the unit without a functioning display. I wrote Neato Robotics another email describing the situation and there was no response except the email confirmation. The longevity of this product is questionable and help from the manufacturer is non-existent. I really wished this unit would work because I was happy with the performance when it did work. Just disappointed by the lifetime of this unit and the lack of help from the manufacturer. "
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Review 20 for Neato Robotics™ XV-14 Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Graham, WA
Date:June 27, 2012

Rosie the Robot

Model Number: Neato Robotics™ XV-14
" Very entertaining to watch her negotiate the legs of the dining table & chairs. She cleans under the beds and leaves unique vacuum marks in the carpets when she turns in a circle!
She can't finish the house on one charge, but she goes back, on her own, to the charging station after about an hour & a half, then goes back to where she left off and finishes the house in about 30-40 minutes. AWESOME!
Most of my 1500 sf home is linoleum or laminate floors, with area or throw rugs plus carpeting in the bedrooms. She has a problem sometimes with rugs that move or fold over when she's vacuuming, or slanted legs she can get on top of and get stuck. She got stuck on the legs of my George Foreman Grill and a large fan and went to sleep. I had to move them. Secure your cords and cables.
Watch yours for the first few times to see if there are areas where it might get hung up. It will ask you to clear it's path & empty it's dust bin. Mine has SERIOUSLY reduced the dust accumulation on furniture and helped with my allergies! One of the better choices I've ever made! "
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