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Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum

At 7.7 pounds (weight without cord), the Oreck Magnesium™ the most lightweight, full-powered upright in America.  Its unique magnesium alloy frame and 7000 RPM roller brush delivers the power and durability that consumers have come to expect from an Oreck Vacuum. Oreck has removed the weight from where you don’t need it — the housing, handle and frame — and concentrated it where power and suction are created: the motor.  Its sleek, lightweight design allows the Oreck Magnesium™  to maneuver effortlessly and clean thoroughly even on long pile carpet, like frieze. Includes:   Ultimate Handheld   1 yr supply HEPA upright bags (6 bags)    1 yr supply HEPA handheld bags (12 bags)   2 HEPA Handheld Filters Turbo brush   1 tune-up   Features:   Lightweight: The most lightweight, full-powered upright in America. (Weighs about 7.7 lbs. — Feels like it's self-propelled)   Powerful: 102 mph of powerful airflow   Durable: Built to last with a 5-year limited warranty (an extremely strong & lightweight magnesium frame)   High-Performance Motor: This high-performance motor spins the inverted single helix rollerbrush at an incredible 7,000 RPM on high speed, delivering a powerful cleaning experience   Versatile: Highly effective at cleaning virtually any floor surface in your home, from long pile carpet, like frieze, to hardwoods   Two Speed QuickSwitch™: high speed is great for carpet while low speed is gentle enough to clean Oriental rugs and bare floors   Endurolife™ Belt: Protects the motor from unexpected jams   Saniseal™ Docking System: keeps dust from escaping when you change bags — no mess, no fuss   HEPA Inner Bag: As air passes through the HEPA inner bag, it captures at least 99.97% of particles at .3 microns from that air, which includes the following: pollen, house dust, smoke, animal dander and mold spores   Twin LED lights: Illuminates areas under tables and in dark corners for superior visibility   Gold Seal of Approval: Carpet and Rug Institute, a leading U.S. Carpet authority, granted the ORECK Magnesium its Gold Seal of Approval Specifications:   Inner Bag: HEPA Odor Fighting installed, 8 quart capacity   Cord Length: 30 ft.   System Requirements: 120 volts, 60 hz, and 3.5 amps   Dimensions: 47.5" H x 12" W x 10.5" D   Weight: 7.7 lbs. (Feels like it's self-propelled)   Model:  LW100PDC
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Customer Reviews for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
Review 1 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:SoCal, California
Date:July 26, 2013

Oreck Magnesium Upright Vacuum

Pros: it is light weight
Cons: loud noise/ motor deteriorates too quickly! :(
Model Number: LW100PDC
" Don't Waste your time returning it! Worst Vacuum ever! Its powerful but very noisy. I went through 2 Vacuum's!
After about 2 months I noticed the noise got louder and the Vacuum was not sucking it was spreading the dirt around. I took it in the my local Oreak store they said this model is only sold at Costco and seems alot of people are coming in with the same problem.-Motor failure! He would of charged me $75 to repair it.
Instead I took it back to Costco got a SECOND Vacuum, and sure enough this time almost 5 months later same problem. The problem is the motor, says my local Oreck store. I returned the SECOND model and this time not buying an Oreck from Costco again. I got one at the Oreck store instead. "
Review 2 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Bainbridge Island, Washington
Date:July 24, 2013

Love, love this vacuum!

Pros: lightweight it's like 2 vacuums for one price, smaller vacuum is great for vacuuming out cars
Cons: it is a little on the noisy side but not that bad
" We love this vacuum cleaner! Here's why: As a 53 year old female who weighs under 120 pounds, I am not that big or strong. Due to daily chronic pain, I cannot vacuum any more. Or so I thought! This vacuum is so lightweight, I can use it to vacuum our hardwood floors & rugs. My husband does the bulk of our vacuuming, and he says it's easier for him to use too due to its light weight. He likes the smaller vac for cleaning out our cars. "
Review 3 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Glen Burni,e MD
Date:March 22, 2013

Powerful and light, but there are trade-offs

Pros: light-weight yet powerful, comes with lots of bags that are v. good quality
Cons: both units need work, really want a wand readily available
Model Number: LW 100, type 1
" Initally, I really liked how lightweight the upright was. It was really easy to steer, effortless to haul up and down stairs. One month later, I experienced a clog at the base of beater, just inside the bottom of the intake. Following the instructions to locate and remove the blockage, I was unable to rotate the cuff so I could separate it. Enlisted my husband, and after many attempts, he had to get tools and a rubber gripper (like for opening jars). Found the clog, removed and cleaned it out, reassembled. Now the beater head won't lie flat. Works as supposed to when pushing forward, but when I pull back, the front of the head rises up, so suction is lost. So I guess I'll have vacuum in circles from now on. There should be an *easy* way to detach the head so you can use just a tube/nozzle for corners. You have to get the other unit to do all your corners and nooks. Definitely a carpet-only vacuum, not for hard floors. Great for big open rooms.
The portable, handheld unit needs some re-thinking. It took a couple of tries before I could find a way to wear the strap comfortably (diagonally across my shoulder, resting against the hip, and using my opposite hand to hold the nozzle). The strap could use more padding. The hose is not quite long enough. Yes, it's easier to do stairs with this unit, but I go up the stairs vacuuming with the turbo, and then remove that and just use the nozzle to get in all the corners that the head can't reach, as I go back down the stairs.
Don't think it's particularly loud. If you want a nice, easy-to-steer, powerful vacuum to run over a nice square room real quick, this would be perfect. But not for corners, or small areas. "
Review 4 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Bay Area, CA
Date:March 20, 2013

Worst ever

Pros: none
Cons: no wheel, very brittle
Model Number: U4180HHPDCOST
" Bought Oreck two years ago at Costco warehouse, it was a nightmare owing this product. Very noisy, and frequent breakdowns. I got the roller changed for $44 after it broke after a year (yes, just one year warranty on rollers), the new roller broke down after 3 months. Regular belt breakdowns as well. Finally, I threw it away.
Overall very bad experience. "
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Review 5 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Maui, Hawaii
Date:February 4, 2013


Cons: can't think of one yet.
" Light and manageable. Can lay down completely to go under the bed! Easy to push, pull and carry up stairs. You won't throw your back out with this one. Makes vacuuming enjoyable. "
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Review 6 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:February 4, 2013

Wanted this to work

Pros: light and good suction
Cons: power problems noisy wheels sticking.
Model Number: Magnesium
" This Vaccum did a great job picking up dirt and was light. Unfortunately, I had to return it several times. The first one for power issues, it would lose power frequently and was plugged in. The second it was so noisy. The third, the wheels were catching. "
Review 7 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Kennewick, Washington
Date:January 31, 2013

Worst vacuum ever

Pros: i don't have a pro.
Cons: it didn't do a good job on my rugs.
" The only good thing about this vacuum is the weight. It is easy to carry around, but so hard to push I put my back out trying to vacuum my living room. "
Review 8 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Washington, DC
Date:January 21, 2013

Worst Oreck ever

Pros: none
Cons: upright has weak suction portable falls apart
Model Number: U4190HZPDCOST
" after using it the upright for a month it lost suction. It just moves the dirt around. I've owned other Orecks and they were great. The small prtable is just as bad. It fall apart. The tool holder keeps falling off and the suction tubes fall apart while using it. Again, the older model portable was 100% better. I have been using my Hoover instead. I got the Oreck because it is light, but I find that my Hoover does the job, it's just very heavy. "
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Review 9 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:La Habra, CA
Date:January 16, 2013

Best value for money on long run

Pros: value for money as you get 2 units, inexpensive to replace parts compared to bagless
Cons: looks
Model Number: Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
" Replacing bag and installing a new one on this unit is far cheaper and convenient as to washing or throwing away dust on other Bag-Less Vaccume cleaner like Dyson. Most importantly its very light weight and very powerfull!!! One of the issue that i came across with dyson and other bagless units are if you have to replace any parts its twice as expensive then Oreck. "
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Review 10 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:January 13, 2013

Good Idea - Bad Execution

Pros: light
Cons: unreliable
" Bought this a couple of months ago. It gets used once a week. Worked fine for a while, but started to get very noisy - like some old clunky truck.
I cleaned out the brushes and such but problem appears to be with motor/manufacture. Returning it.
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Review 11 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:January 3, 2013

Light Weight

Pros: light weight, handheld unit works like a champ
Cons: no hose or attachments, won't recommend to replace large upright
Model Number: Magnesium
" This vacuum is all about weight. My wife has problems with her hands which prevents her from pushing around big heavy vacuums. She LOVES this vacuum!! It’s so light that she can use it without any problems and it does a pretty decent job on lower shags carpets and tile floors. Also great for quick spot jobs since it’s a breeze to carry upstairs or downstairs. While it doesn’t have a hose or attachments, the included handheld unit is powerful and convenient to use. Plus it also works great to vacuum cars. "
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Review 12 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Seattle, WA
Date:November 29, 2012

Good vacuums for lightweight jobs

" For the Magnesium, a years worth of bags (13), filters, and the portable vacuum, it's not a bad deal.
* Light.
* Easy to use
* Easy to assemble (and the bag/filter are already installed)
* Decent job on lower pile carpets
* Picks up pine needles, dog hair, general dirt.
* Excellent cord length
* Wheels are nice. Not hard plastic like on a lot of competing models.
* LOUD. It is a piercing, whining, super agitating noise. My dogs ran for cover.
* Does not do well picking up gravel from the driveway that gets tracked into the house. Bangs around very loudly, and you need to stop the vacuum to get the bits out.
* Requires maintenance (ie. changing belts, unclogging the beater bar, etc., )
* Requires bags (the only upside is that it's an Oreck, so you'll always be able to get them).
* lacks a detachable hose for getting into corners while you have the upright out and in use.
Overall, it is a solid vacuum for quick cleans. It's better built and way easier to use than a lot of other options. It out performed the Dyson Animal portable (battery) model by A LOT!
This is an EXCELLENT choice for small houses, cabins, and on-the-fly cleaning. Get a heavy duty canister vac or heavy upright for the big jobs and more flexibility.
* Easy to maneuver
* Great for dusting
* Way easier to use than even my little portable Stinger for cleaning the car (the STinger will now just be used for wet vacuuming).
* Decent power
* Cord should be longer
* Long tube is too short for anyone over 5'2" planning to use it for floors.
* Debris sort of flies around inside..not all makes it into the bag.
* Requires a bag.
* rotating brush tool is not effective
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Review 13 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Newberg, OR
Date:November 11, 2012

LOUDEST vacuum on the market

Pros: lightweight - easy to carry and store, easy to get under furniture, narrow profile, long cord, pretty blue color
Cons: extremely loud, awkward power cord insertion
Model Number: Magnesium
" I purchased this vacuum to replace a 20 year-old lightweight Riccar that I absolutely love. The Oreck is lightweight, but the perks end there. This was the most unbelievably loud vacuum I have ever heard in my life. My head is actually roaring by the time I'm finished vacuuming. Who'd have known I'd have to wear earplugs to do housework? I will be returning this vacuum before I have to invest in hearing aids! "
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Review 14 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Atlanta, Ga
Date:November 3, 2012

Fabulous Vac for Shag

Pros: lightweight lays flat does high pile carpet
Cons: none
Model Number: Lw100
" Loved that it lays FLAT. Easy to get underneath the coffee tables, your bed and glides seamlessly across my cherry hard wood floors. Finally a Vac worth keeping for a while! Love it!! "
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Review 15 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Mount Laurel, NJ
Date:October 14, 2012

Worst Vacuum ever

Pros: none
Cons: poor quality: see review
Model Number: LW100PDC
" Brand new item. Motor stopped running after 5 minutes except for a humming noise. Only suggestion was to check for jams, of which none were found, and to return to service center. Will return to Costco instead for refund. Will never buy an Orek again.
Product is advertised as using magnesium but that must be well hidden because all I could find is plastic. Also poor design with a thin flimsy exposed electrical cord connecting the upper bag section to the motor/brush housing. It should have been more rugged like the regular power cord, but Orek probably wanted to save a few ounces. In fact everything seems flimsy compared to other vacuums. But there is no excuse for poor quality. Orek is definitely NOT worth the cost even if there were no problems.
This product is made in China "
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Review 16 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Whitmore Lake, MI
Date:September 29, 2012

A Disappointing Purchase

Pros: lightweight, a nice set up for the cord, the handheld vacuum is great
Cons: quickly stops working, starts to smoke after about 1 year of use, does not roll on the floor needs to be carried
" Costco is a great place to buy this poorly made product. With their excellent return policy you are not stuck with it. Bought one, after about 10 months it started to smoke and would not vacuum. Got another one thinking that the first one was just a bad one. It is now again 10 months later, and again it is smoking and won't run. We don't have pets. We are careful how we use it. It is just not made to last. The cord has also broken off there where it attaches. I am planning on returning this product also.
Another aspect of the vacuum cleaner that was a disappointment was how you move it. At 53 years of age, I was looking forward to a lightweight vacuum cleaner. As a pro, this is very lightweight. However, when it is off and you are taking it to a room to vacuum, you need to carry it since it does not roll very well on a floor or on carpet. I was not expecting a vacuum cleaner that needed to be carried from place to place.
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Review 17 for Oreck® Magnesium™ Upright Vacuum
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:July 28, 2012

Good overall vacuum -better than Dyson Animal DC24

Model Number: magnesium
" i bought the dyson animal dc24, but returned it as it wasn't good on my tile. It wouldn't pick up pretzel bits or even tiny dirt clumps off of my hardwood floor.
after returning the dyson, i bought the oreck magnesium. dyson is better for carpet, but oreck better overall & for hardwood and tile floors. it picks up clumps, dirt, pretzels, etc easily. its so light. i love oreck.
i previously owned an oreck for 7 years and loved that (cheapest model). i dont think the magnesium is better than their cheapest model, but their marketing sold me on the 2 speeds - 1 for carpet & 1 for wood floors. it is gentler on low speed for my area rugs & runners, so i guess it's worth it.
* dont buy online at oreck, buy through costco. it's the same vac (magnesium), but for about $150 less than directly through oreck and you get a free handvac. just 2 less yrs of warranty and less "tune ups", but i found i didnt really need tune ups on my last oreck.
* i love oreck & will rec to everyone - especially the elderly as it's so light, easy & simple. no one can match it for those reasons.
* if u only have carpets, buy the dyson "
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